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Forums - Sales Discussion - September NPD 2019 thread

NSW: 450k
PS4: 210k
XBO: 120k

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DonFerrari said:
This month should be a bloodbath for Switch and X1 be a spot on the radar, PS4 doing somewhat stable.

Lol.  I was about to sum it up almost the exact same way.

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[NSW] 455K
[PS4] 208K
[XB1] 107K

NS - 480K
PS4 - 200K
XBO - 100K

No updates?

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Mat Piscatella has written in twitter:

"Eh, late note for the release, but Nintendo Switch hardware drove the highest unit sales for a September month since the PlayStation 4 in September 2014. Great month for Switch."

I understand it as less than PS4-Sep-14 (538k) but more than PS4-Sep-18 (421k).

421k < NSW < 538k

Not very accurate but that is what we have.

Switch continues to kill it.

Gears 5 debuting at #7 was surprising considering GamePass.

Anthem is one of the best selling games of 2019 😬

Top selling games of the last year for each console, MicroSony both loaded with multiplats and one exclusive, Nintendo beasting with 9 exclusives and Spyro. Truly a unique console.

Yayyy no numbers again

Here is some information we do have from NPD that was posted in our monthly US sales article:

The Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console in the US in September 2019, according to figures from NPD.

Overall spending on hardware dropped 22 percent year-on-year to $240 million, while spending on software dropped four percent to $732 million. Overall spending on video games fell eight percent to $1.278 billion.

NBA 2K20 was the best-selling game in the US in September and is already the best-selling game of 2019. 

Borderlands 3 debuted in second place and had the best launch in franchise history. It is also already the third best-selling game in 2019.

Gears 5 debuted in seventh place. While it might appear to be a low debut for one of the biggest franchises on the Xbox, the game was available day one on Game Pass.

Here are the top 20 best-selling games in terms of dollars:

  1. NBA 2K20
  2. Borderlands 3
  3. FIFA 20
  4. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening*
  5. Madden NFL 20
  6. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint
  7. Gears 5^
  8. Code Vein
  9. NHL 20
  10. Mario Kart 8*
  11. Minecraft#
  12. Grand Theft Auto V
  13. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate*
  14. Spyro Reignited Trilogy
  15. Red Dead Redemption II
  16. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege
  17. Plants vs Zombies: Battle For Neighborville
  18. Marvel’s Spider-Man
  19. Catherine
  20. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild*

*Does not include digital sales
^Does not include Steam digital sales

#Only includes digital sales for PlayStation 4 and Xbox one

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PortisheadBiscuit said:
Yayyy no numbers again

We're probably never getting numbers again. NPD has deemed them top secret and off-limits to the public, and they've successfully silenced all the leakers. Unless a bunch of people pitch in for the $10,000 to buy a report or an actual competitor crops up (maybe we'll get lucky and Famitsu opens up a U.S. branch), then it's over. The best we have are the "best guess" hardware estimates from the Era threads. Truly a sad time for people who enjoy discussing game sales.


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