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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Rank your favorite Zelda games!


What is your favorite Zelda? (sorry, only ten options!)

Breath of the Wild 22 32.35%
Ocarina of Time 14 20.59%
A Link to the Past 11 16.18%
Twilight Princess 6 8.82%
Majora's Mask 2 2.94%
Wind Waker 6 8.82%
Link's Awakening 0 0%
Skyward Sword 4 5.88%
Oracle of Ages/Seasons 1 1.47%
Other (see forum post) 2 2.94%

1 - Wind Waker

2 - Breath of the Wild

3 - Spirit Tracks

4 - Twilight Princess

5 - Minish Cap

6 - Ocarine of Time

7 - Link Between Worlds

8 - Link to the Past

9 - Skyward Sword


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I'm only going to rank the Zelda games I've played a substantial amount in and out of them it's in this order for me:

1) Ocarina of Time - Still one of the greatest games ever in my opinion. It blew my mind how good it was at the time and has also aged really well for an early 3d game imo.
2) Breath of the Wild - Definitely the Zelda title i've sunk the most hours into (160+). There's just so much to do it's crazy.
3) Majoras Mask - Never managed to complete it but thought it was a really unique and awesome game. Just a bit too difficult for me at the time it came out.
4) A Link to the Past - Simply the greatest "top down" Zelda title and one of the first games that comes to mind when I hear "classic'.
5) Links Awakening - Still to this day my fave true portable Zelda and the all time best original Game Boy game.
6) Skyward Sword - Heard negative things about the motion controls for this game but I think, for the most part, they worked really well and for this reason there's no other Zelda game that plays quite like it. Some great dungeons too.
7) Twilight Princess - Was slightly disappointed by this one. It was meant to go back to the classic N64 style Zelda game but didn't hit the mark for me. Need to try it again as it's been a while to be fair. The motion controls definitely were just tacked on with the Wii version of this one.
8) Wind Waker - A bit too bland and simple for me. Still a fun game but weaker by Zelda Standards.
9) Spirit Tracks - Definitely the worst Zelda game i've fully completed. The controls really are irritating on this one which is a shame because it still has a lot going for it but by Zelda standards its poor.
10) Four Swords & Adventure - I tried but was never able to get into either four swords games. A little too different from the norm for me.

As for the rest I haven't put enough time to give any real opinions into them. I recently purchased A Link between Worlds so I'm looking forward at sinking time into that - right after I've completed Links Awakening remake!

The ones I've played: 

1.- A link to the past
2.- Twilight Princess
3.- Ocarina of Time
4.- Breath of the Wild
6.- A Link between Worlds
7.- Link's Awakening
8.- Wind Waker
9.- Skyward Sword
10.- The legend of Zelda
11.- 4 Swords
12.- Minish cap
13.- Spirit Tracks

Wont elaborate as to why, but most people here have already mentioned the qualities of each.

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1. Breath of the Wild, da best one. Also god tier latam spanish dub.

2. Wind Waker, for the longest time it was my favorite, an amazing story and incredible sense of adventure, few like Wind Waker.

3. A Link Between Worlds, another excellent game, one of the tightest games in the series, Lorule Castle is one of the best dungeons too.

4. Minish Cap, charming af.

5. A Link to the Past, just a very well crafted game.

6. Majora's Mask, while most of the dungeons aren't that great, the mood and nuances into the story and Stone Tower Temple make up for any negative.

7. Ocarina of Time, another well crafted game.

8. Hyrule Warriors, Eclipse of the Moon.

9. Spirit Tracks, dat overworld theme.

10. Twilight Princess, I enjoy how ridiculous and hilarious the entire thing is, sumo, being launched into the sky, the western section, freaking snowboarding with a yeti, despite some serious moments for Midna and her gf Zelda, I enjoy how dumb TP is most of the time despite its "dark" style. Also very good dungeons the whole way through.

11. Phantom Hourglass, Linebeck.

12. The Legend of Zelda, great game still, even if I do need a map.

13. Zelda II, I like pain.

14. Skyward Sword, still a good game but rather forgettable to me, the Ancient Cistern is excellent tho.

15. Link's Crossbow Training, for what it is, is a very fun arcade style game.

Haven't finished the rest.

Wind Waker HD for me is the best. I really love the art style, my favorite graphics to date. I also love the dungeon design and sailing is a bunch of fun. I love the exploration.

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Gosh I hate ranking Zelda games, but here goes...

1.Link to the Past
2.Ocarina of Time
3.Breath of the Wild
4.Link Between Worlds
5.Wind Waker
6.Oracle of Seasons
7.Link's Awakening
8.Twilight Princess
9.Minish Cap
10.Majora's Mask
11.Legend of Zelda

Gosh I hate ranking Zelda games, but here goes...

1.Link to the Past
2.Ocarina of Time
3.Breath of the Wild
4.Link Between Worlds
5.Wind Waker
6.Oracle of Seasons
7.Link's Awakening
8.Twilight Princess
9.Minish Cap
10.Majora's Mask
11.Legend of Zelda

The_Liquid_Laser said:

My favorite is The Legend of Zelda (NES).  The fact that it isn't even on the poll is insulting.  The first one is actually a favorite of a lot of people, but it is definitely a generational thing.

Here is my list of the one's I've played:

1) The Legend of Zelda

2) Breath of the Wild

3) Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Yeah, I really wish the polls would allow for more than ten choices, I just left off the original figuring that a lot of the users here were too young to have played the original in its heyday and would prefer the direction the series took later. My intent was to list every game. Hey, even the CD-i games must have at least one fan out there. The original came out when I was 10, so I've been with the series from the beginning and it's been my favorite since then. Always neat to find someone who appreciates the original and Zelda II, which was a marvel of a game when it made its debut and whose release progress I followed in Nintendo Power. Part of why I love Breath of the Wild is how it combines the best aspects of the 8-bit Zeldas with the QOL improvements the series has made over the years.

I consider 3D and 2D (top down) different, so going to rank separate:

3D (the ones I prefer)
1. Breath of the Wild
2. Ocarina of Time
3. Majora's Mask (I consider this game as OoT DLC)
4. Skyward Sword
5. Twilight Princess
6. The Wind Waker

1. A Link to the Past
2. A Link Between Worlds
3. Zelda II
4. Zelda NES
5. Minish Cap
6. Triforce Heroes
7. Phantoom Hourglass
8. Link's Awakening
9. Oracle of Ages

Need to finish:
Oracle of Seasons
Spirit Tracks

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Jumpin said:

1. Breath of the Wild
2. A Link to the Past + Link Between Worlds
3. Ocarina of Time
4. Majora’s Mask
5. Adventure of Link

I am not sure I like the other Zelda games. My least favourite is Twilight Princess or Wind Walter only because they epitomize what I dislike about 3D Zelda: long and convoluted find the needle in the haystack “puzzles” and locking critical path progress behind this BS.

Breath of the Wild and Link to the Past are the only two games I will pick up and play without hesitation.

While I do love Link to the Past, I find it too short to be satisfying to play from start to finish. Link Between Worlds fixes that to some extent, but lacks some of the masterful brushstrokes of the original; particularly the intro is not as impactful. I also find Ocarina of Time more satisfying, but the dungeons are much less fun than Link to the Past. I also don’t like how much slower the game feels.

Breath of the Wild is my #1 by a distant margin. I find the game as fun to play as Link to the Past - despite having a FAR more vast world, I always feel like I am A. Doing something that progresses in a meaningful way, or B. Doing something I want to do - which is major for me because I find that LTTP is a game that had me doing stuff I wanted to do rather than HAVING to do, and it wasn’t until Breath of the Wild that I got this feeling back again and to a VASTLY greater degree. Additionally, there is no Zelda game that I find anywhere near as satisfying to progress in. It adds dimensions and expands significantly on existing ones.

To put it into perspective: Link to the Past is ~10 hours and I feel it is not long enough to spend in such a wonderful world. Ocarina of Time is about ~25 hours and it felt a little too long. Wind Waker ~35 hours and felt much too long. I spent 300+ hours in Breath of the Wild and was ready for even more. It manages to be a significantly bigger game than other 3D Zeldas and doesn’t have that tedious progression feeling that they do - probably because there’s not really anything you’re forced to do; there’s a minimum you have to do, but there is a VAST amount of choice to fill that minimum requirement; and from that point you wan do as much or as little as you wish. That, IMO, is the massive edge Breath of the Wild has on the other Zelda games. It is not merely a 3D Zelda game, but THE game that fulfills what us oldtime fans of the original Zelda game wanted to see in 3D.

To put it another way: Ocarina of Time was amazing for its achievement, but wasn’t what I was hoping for when I imagined a 3D Zelda. Breath of the Wild is that 3D Zelda game I was looking forward to decades ago. The first one that succeeded in the vision. I am expecting better games in the future, but I can hardly imagine a game making such a large impression as Breath of the Wild did. It’s not merely my favourite Zelda game, but my favourite game in existence.

I feel exactly the same way about both BotW and OoT as you do. Ocarina of Time was, for me, more about what 3-D Zelda could do than what Ocarina of Time actually did, while BotW was in large part a fulfillment of the hinted promises of Ocarina, speaking as a fan of Zelda from its infancy. I spent hundreds of hours just wandering around Hyrule doing my own thing. I actually felt like I was in danger when I entered new territory, and the monsters often proved that to be right. My first encounter with a Lynel - holy shit. And it was the red Lynel that you see near Zora's Domain trying to get to Vah Ruta.

And I was sad when A Link to the Past came to an end. For an early 90s game, though, it had a good deal of content.