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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Rank your favorite Zelda games!


What is your favorite Zelda? (sorry, only ten options!)

Breath of the Wild 22 32.35%
Ocarina of Time 14 20.59%
A Link to the Past 11 16.18%
Twilight Princess 6 8.82%
Majora's Mask 2 2.94%
Wind Waker 6 8.82%
Link's Awakening 0 0%
Skyward Sword 4 5.88%
Oracle of Ages/Seasons 1 1.47%
Other (see forum post) 2 2.94%
Agente42 said:

Skyward Sword - 2 


Edit: actually, in a way, this is... um, never mind.

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1. Ocarina of Time (at the time of release there has been no better game in the history of the medium)

2.Twilight Princess

3.Majoras Mask

4. BotW

5. A Link to the Past

6. Adventure of Link

7. Wind Waker

8. OG Zelda

9. Skyward Sword

Wrote more than intended, oh well, some might find enjoyment in reading all this crap.

In order of how much I liked the game last time I played it.


Skyward sword 10/10
This is my favorite in the series. Immensely enjoyed playing it. Even if it might have more flaws than other entries in the series, I just liked this the most.
Best story. Best Villian (Ghirahim). Best Zelda (The character).
The best dungeon in the series (Sandship), however with the absolut worst looking boss. Best Bossbattle (Koloktos).
Best motion controls in any game, zelda or otherwise. (I think this is the sole divider between loving the game and disliking the game)
2nd best graphic style, any still from the game looks like a painting, just magnificent.
2nd highest dungeon standard.
Irritating compainon with way to much handholding. Probably the worst in the series.
Repeating fights with the imprisoned. One fight was boring enough.
The ugly boss at the end of the best dungeon. So so ugly. Ghaa by god is it ugly.
Bit of an empty sky. 

A Link to the past 10/10
Most playthroughs. Might be biased since it was my first zelda. View many games as copys if this rathar than of Ocarina.
Would probably lose its 2D Zelda first place if it wasn't for the new life a Link to the past randomizer gave the game. 
Introduced the double world interactions. Best items, the arsenal of tools is just so fun to play around with and with powerful new things hidden around every corner.
Best difficculty curve in the series.
2nd Best intro. 2nd Best overworld theme (the dark world theme). 
Mothula, more the room than the boss, Spikes, floor that move, and spikes that move, and floor that change direction, just a pain to play.
Unimpressing dungeon puzzles.
Pink hair.
Clunky item menu.

Ocarina of time 10/10
An unquestionable masterpiece of a game.
Played it years after the original release on the gamecube instead of N64, so it might not have left the same impact on me as it have on others. 
Best end bossfight.
Best dungeon music (forest temple theme).
Best minigames.
2nd best Music overall.
2nd best atmosphere.
The water temple (I love that thing, also love the hate it gets)
The twinrovas talking.
Annoying companion.
Not much is lowpoints in this game. I just like other games in the series better for some difficult to define reason.

Oracle of ages 10/10
I find the oracle games to be very low on most peoples list. I really like them and espacially oracle of ages. Well there are just so many great games in this series.
Best puzzels, really like many of the time interactions and the Item-trade puzzel island is gold .
Best water dungeon. (Sorry OOT, but changeing the water level was much less confusing in 2d.)
Changes animal companion between playtroughs, making the experience a bit different each time.
The sense of despair with the npcs.
Dated graphics and controls.
Collecting rings is just not that fun.
Some uninteresting boss fights.

Twilight princess 10/10
Overall probably the most complete Zelda experiece. Might go higher up on the list if I ever play Skyward Sword again and find that game lacking on a second playthrough.
The highest dungeon standard, 2nd best dungeon (Snowpeak Ruins) , 3rd best dungeon (City in the Sky) only Lakebed Temple seems lacking.
The best companion.
The best title screen music, still gives me the chills.
Best village music (Hidden villige and Kakariko).
2nd best item arsenal.
2nd best story. 
A barrened overworld.
Wolf-segmets draging on (The collect "tear" variant in Skyward sword is awesome however, total diffrent sense of urgency).
Graphic style have not aged well compared to other 3d zeldas.
Underused items. Sad since I really like many of the items in this game.

Majoras Mask 9/10
Bit of an oddball. The depressed but fun oddball you hang out with regardless.
Best atmosphere, that scary moon.
Best sidequests. High emotional impact. Aliens stealing cows. Stone Tower Temple. Many mature themes.
Change the mask again and again and again. Oh, and here are 40 extra masks for your pleasure to change between.
Low dungeon standard, only Stone Tower Temple is great.
Repeating things over and over due to the 3 day cycle.

Wind waker 9/10
Into the blue vide ocean. I acctually do not remember so much from this game other than that I liked it a lot.
Best music overall.
Beautiful timeless graphics (the gamecube version still looks fantastic today).
Links expressive face. The sense of freedom. Gigantic hammer.
Slow sailing parts.
Searching for triforce pieces.
The Hide and seek section.

Links awakening 9/10
Charm charm charm. One of three zelda games that made me laugh out load (the others being Ocarina of Time twinrova and Skyward Sword Groose moments)
Good pacing with dungeon/sidequest combo. Miniboss with teleport standard.
Funny dialog. Multiple cameos. Frog song.
Dated graphics and controls...nwm it has been remade. Need to chek that one out some day.
A bit short.

Oracle of seasons 8/10
The worse of the two oracle games. Still very good. But just not as memorable to me.
Interesting season changing mechanic, wish that it will be used in some later installment.
Changes animal companion between playtroughs, making the experience a bit different each time. 
Dated graphics and controls.
Collecting rings is just not that fun.
Uninspiring final boss fight.
Overshined by the imo superior oracle of ages.

Minish Cap 7/10
Played it. Liked it. Se no reason to play it again.
Charming world. Fun new items. Palace of Winds.
Only liked one dungeon (Palace of Winds).
The world felt small(höhö) and very restricting.
The matching of stones.
Collecting figurines game. I like the figurines, but collecting all the needed shells, and play a game of chance over 130 times (more if you keep getting duplicates) no thanks.

Phantom hourglass 4/10
Maybe not a bad game. But it did not make a good impact on me.
Goofy fun companion.
Some interesting DS mechanics.
Tempele of the ocean king
Returning to the same awfully designed dungeon again and again and again, even the first time there was terrible.
Granted each visit with new items opened up new ways, but each new floor is so annoying to play.
Almost put the game down when I returned for the third time.
Having a time-limit be the worst enemy in the game.
Absolutly the worst place in any of the zelda games I have played.
Without it i might not have remembered this game at all though, but this place is so bad that it singled out the whole game as the worst zelda game I finished.
I acctually cannot think of much else to put here. Any other bad parts of the game is just overshadowed by that piece of crap temple.


Breath of the wild 9/10
Enjoyed so far. Maybe to grand for me.
Pure exploration. Rewards trying out things just for the heck of it.
All the little things you find. Creates great feelings of discovery and makes you feel smart.
The resaon I have yet to play it far after the beginning: Lack of sense of progress. Somthing it shares with many open world games, and something that does not bother most.
Lackluster music compared to other Zelda games.

Link between worlds 8/10
Dont know why I never finished this game, might pick it right up.
Free progression order. Fun revisit to one of the Zelda games most beloved worlds. Cool new version of old favoirte music tracks.
The artstyle is for me not as good as a Link to the Pasts and only slightly better than the 2 DS Zelda games.

Four swords adventure 6/10
Fun multiplayer game. Not as fun Zelda-game
Great maschup of windwaker explosion and links awakening sprites. The graphic style in general is pleasing.
Good partygame.
Zelda games does not work that well as a multiplayer experience imo.
Needed a lot of extra hardware for the best experience (Gameboy advance and connection cable for each player)

Four swords 5/10
Like adventure but worse in most aspect. 
Collect more rupees than my brothaa.
Needed to be beaten in order to enter the extra dungeon in a link to the past for gba.
Zelda games does not work that well as a multiplayer experience imo.

The legend of Zelda 3/10

Started playing this many times. Might beat it one day just to check it off my list.

Introduced new concepts to the video game industry. Inspired several different franchises.
Gets a pass for being the first zelda game. "It is dangerous to go alone, take this"
Almost all other zelda games are superior in every aspect.

Spirit tracks 2/10
The game that made me realize even zelda games can be bad... or at least boring to me.
Good music.
No exploration. None.
Boring train sequense.
No engaging intro.
Stopped playing, was not goint to press myself to finish a game i initially disliked the same way I did with phantom hourglass.

Adventure of Link nope/10
Bad old game. Might have been ok when released, but by todays standard its just not good.

One good music track.
Semi random encounters. The gameplay in general. Tidious sections. No real puzzles. Getting lost in badly designed dungeons. Boring items.
Does not feel like a zelda game to me.
Sure the second installment and still triyng to find its identity as a series. But even without the zelda name, the game is unplayabley bad (Well, very few games as old is enjoyable).
Everything it tried to do another game did better around the same time imo. I just really really do not like this game at all.


Triforce heroes
Multiplayer focused, low scores compared to other games in the series. The first new release I plain skipped.

Any spinoff
None seems interesting enough and the tingle game... well... no, no I do not think I will.

1. Ocarina of time

2. Majora's mask

3. The wind waker

4. Breath of the wild

5. A link to the past

That's it

I'll just do my current top 5.

1. Breath of the Wild
2. A Link to the Past
3. Minish Cap
4. Link's Awakening Remake
5. Skyward Sword

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I can't really decide by mixing the 2d (by graphics or classic 2d gameplay) and 3d episodes, so:

My 2d classics Zelda Top 3:
1. Link to the Past - 10/10
2. Link's Awakening - 9.5/10
3. Link Between Worlds - 9/10

My 3d Zelda game Top 3:
1. Ocarina of Time - 10/10
2. Breath of the Wild - 9.5/10
3. Twilight Princess - 9/10