What score would you give Joker

10 21 25.61%
9 22 26.83%
8 7 8.54%
7 7 8.54%
6 7 8.54%
5 0 0.00%
4 1 1.22%
3 or below 1 1.22%
haven't watched it 15 18.29%
won't watch it 1 1.22%
BraLoD said:
EricHiggin said:

See a shrink first to be sure?

Goes to cinema, tries to enjoy Joker, get's made fun of for being a loner, bullies end up in morgue...

Oh the irony.


But really, he should just go.

It's just a joke, get it... and ya, just go. I don't go alone either unless it's something that I just have to see, and I've never had or heard anybody single me out anyway, not like I'd care.

Now with something like Joker, I'd almost welcome a little verbal bullying. I'd totally screw with them and have them at least partially questioning if I'm really there for the entertainment...  Well that's the longest, yet best promotional video I've ever seen, wouldn't you guys agree?... lol

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COKTOE said:

I still haven't seen it, and will be waiting for it on blu-ray, so this parody from SNL lacks context for me. I still liked it though, and after seeing it on TV last week, was happy to find an official youtube version that was playable in Canada. This is from the network that carries SNL here. The official SNL YT channel won't allow Canadians to looks at skits for around a year ( all the American channels are essentially basic cable in Canada, but Canadian networks carry all the big American shows too, it's a mess not worth further explanation. ) Anyways, if this won't play for Americans, or any other countries, seek it out. It's pretty good.

I haven't watched SNL for years. The change in direction and type of laughs they started shooting for just weren't for me. This however is absolutely hilarious.

I saw it. The more I think about it, and what may happened or didn't, the more confusing it gets. I knew the basic flow of the movie before I saw it. It isn't for everyone, but is still with me weeks later.

Atleast he didn't go and kill randoms. He is not a model for future would be serial killers.

Amazing, one of the best movies I've ever seen.

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Joker is now officially the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time (unadjusted for inflation), topping Deadpool with $849m over the weekend. 

It's about to overtake Venom (it already beat it out in terms of profit margin, but it's about to surpass it in box office revenue as well) and the first $1 bil R-rated movie is actually looking more and more like a possibility at this rate. I don't think anyone expected it to do this well, even $500m seemed like a high-end estimate prior to its release. I predicted $420 mil WW during its entire run and was more than happy to be WAY off.

See, Blumhouse? If you make a good movie (!), it'll make money regardless (provided you market it enough, which they failed to do with Dredd, hence why it flopped despite being well-received). Now grow a pair and let Todd McFarlane give us R-rated Spawn reboot.

I read the original post, and I didn't think this would have spoilers. It looked like a post that was good for people on the fence of watching this film (which I am). One of the questions are if the reader has seen it yet, for instance.

And then around the end of page 4 and the beginning of page 5, spoilers came out (without any warning). It'd be nice if people could stick to the topic of the original post in the future, because a post like this can be good for people who haven't gone to the movie in question.

Just saw it. 6/10. Not amazing, not terrible, just okay. Phoenix overacts the entire movie. The plot makes a lot of cheap narrative choices.


Please Watch/Share this video so it gets shown in Hollywood.

It's an amazing movie and just crazy how it is grossing so much without China and without family friendliness. Take China's numbers away from all movies above Joker in the all-time list and it shows just how successful the movie is around the world. 

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As of yesterday, Joker has passed $300 million domestic. It's still making decent money for a movie that's now been out for a month. Let's see if it can get to $350 million.