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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Research on first and favorite Final Fantasy Game


Is the first Final Fantasy you played your favorite?

Yes 17 28.81%
No 42 71.19%


Reminds of this thread I made a few aeons ago about first Final Fantasies being the best... I'd say your question was more to the point but there might be some interesting answers to find.

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1)Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. First numbered entry would be the GBA version of 1 and 2.

2) Numbered would be Final Fantasy 10. But I did thoroughly enjoy Tactics Advance, IV and XIV Realm Reborn.

3) Oh geez. You want me to list all of them out? Let's just say most of the numbered and spin offs and call it a day.

The first one I played was IV, back in the SNES, but my favorite is XII with X a close second. I played almost all of the mainline ones except for III, XI, XIV.






1) First Final Fantasy game you played : The first one on NES

2) The Final Fantasy game you preffer : Final Fantasy VII (followed closely by VI)

3) Which Final Fantasy games have you played? I, IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, XII, XIII, XIII-2 and part of the horrible XV (plus Tactics and Mystic Quest)

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The Fury said:
What I'm fascinated by is how many people have played nearly all FF games but 15 and I noticed some of the people that comment in FF threads, haven't played 15. Just thinking....

Shouldn't be a surprise though. I mean, it's the same as seeing the number of people who love KFC who wouldn't go to KFC anymore if it started exclusively selling vegan food. Remove everything that makes your product good and a lot of your fans ain't gonna want to buy it anymore, quite simple really.

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First Final Fantasy: Final Fantasy X
Favourite Final Fantasy: Final Fantasy VI/X


Just because you have an opinion doesn't mean you are necessarily right.

1) First Final Fantasy game you played?
Final Fantasy III (VI) (snes)

2) The Final Fantasy game you preffer?
Final Fantasy 11 (mmo)

3) Which Final Fantasy games have you played?
III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,X-2,XII, XIII, XIV, XV, Tactics + A2 , World,... alot.

Also, there is this:


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1) First Final Fantasy game you played
* Final Fantasy Legend (Gameboy)
* FF4 was my first mainline I owned (and still to this day one of the most expensive games I ever purchased since it cost like double on import),
* FF1 was the very first game I ever played on an emulator. I played it much earlier on a family member's NES (who was into imports and such from a very early time; even had this Japanese cartridge with something like 100 games on it). I played this one BEFORE I played FF4, but I forget if FF Legend was before or after that one. For the record, I probably played Final Fantasy Legend 1 and 2 about 20-30 times each in my childhood. On a side note, I vividly recall playing FF1 for the first time, we didn't know what "Equip" meant or did, because neither of us knew English very well, and so we tried playing the game without weapons (since you do not get default weapons). To this day, I still like Blackbelts best as a class.

2) The Final Fantasy game you prefer
FF8 is my default favourite, but it will periodically shift to Final Fantasy Tactics or the other two games of the Kitase Trilogy (FF6, FF7, and FF8).

I consider myself a classic FF fan, as I can call myself of a fan of nearly all the games FF8 and before. After FF8, the only game I am a fan of is FFX.

3) Which Final Fantasy games have you played?
Final Fantasy 1 to FFX, FFX2, FF12, and FF13.
FF Legend 1-3
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, and Mystic Quest on Gameboy (which is an FF spinoff, but also Seiken Densetsu 1)
Final Fantasy Tactics & War of the Lions
FF12 Revenant Wings
FF Crystal Chronicles, Ring of Fates, Crystal Bearers, My Life as a King, My Life as a Dark Lord,
Theatrerhythm (or whatever) 1 and 2
Heroes of Light
And probably others.

NUMEROUS remakes of the above games (I played like 5 remakes/rereleases of FF4).

So yeah, me and Final Fantasy have a big history going back three decades. And while Final Fantasy was not officially in the European market before FF7, I would say that many had played the games and mostly everyone who had NES/GB/SNES at the time knew about them. Not to mention that there was not just lockout between EU and NA, but lockout between various EU regions. I am not sure how big the "grey market" for importing was, but I would say it was quite substantial. I would love to see statistics/estimates on that.

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FF 18, 22x2, and Tactics 5 are my favorite. 18 cause of the story, 22x2 because of the music, and Tactics 5 because of the cool homage to Mario and Rabbids Kingdom battle/Xcom system.

Woops, we are allowed to pick future FF games right?