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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Research on first and favorite Final Fantasy Game


Is the first Final Fantasy you played your favorite?

Yes 17 28.81%
No 42 71.19%

1 - IV
2 - VI
3 - I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, X, X/2, XI, XII, XIII (all), XV, Tactics PS1, Tactics GBA, Record Keeper, Brave Exvius

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1. First: IV
2. Best: IV, VII, Tactics (in no particular order)
3. Played: III (a bit), IV, V (a bit), VI, VII, VIII, IX, X (a bit), XII (many hours), XIII (many hours), Tactics, Tactics Advance

1) Final Fantasy I (NES)
2) Final Fantasy IX (PS1)
3) All main ones and sequels of main ones (except FF11,14), Crisis Core FF, World of FF, Dirge of Cerberus

1)FF X

2)FF X

3) Every single one.

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Ganoncrotch said:

Absolutely know what you mean about the theme being a part of your love of the game, some of the FF music is just amazing at invoking emotion, I get the same with Aeris's theme from 7, I can't hear the haunting melody without it being forever associated with THE scene of her, and it pulls me right back to 97 before I would have the internet to spoil it for me so I just sat there in shock after with just that theme stuck in my head of her.

Like I said, haunting theme after playing that game as a teen in my formative years.

You may have noticed that I have a particular fondness for fiction villains. It's because there's a level on which I feel like I relate, mostly because villains are hated by regular society and, while they may have their moments of glory, you know they're probably going to lose ultimately. That's just how I feel. It's been that way since I was 10. Kefka is a character who was abused and it turns him into a horrible psychopath.

The essential message you get from FF VI is that life is about connections. Love, friends, allies, whatever, but connections. Kefka is held up as an illustration of how monstrous one can become without those connections, once you reach a point of no return and reject them on principle. Not feeling loved by others, and worse, not wanting to feel loved by others, can turn you into a monster. I was kind of at that place mentally-emotionally at that age, when I got FF VI. I needed to be reminded that I was going off an emotional cliff where I just wanted to spend the rest of my life alone.

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First: 1 (remake)
Favourite: 13
Played: 1, 2 (only a few hours), 10 (only a few hours), 13, 13-2, Lightning Returns (about halfway), Type-0 HD (only a few hours), 15

1) First Final Fantasy game you played
Final Fantasy 6
2) The Final Fantasy game you preffer
Final Fantasy X
3) Which Final Fantasy games have you played?
I have played them all. But the ones I finished were:
Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XII(barf) and Final Fantasy XIII.

FF III is the first and only one I've played. I didn't enjoy it, so I've still yet to play any of the others.

Machina said:
FF III is the first and only one I've played. I didn't enjoy it, so I've still yet to play any of the others.

You are missing some great games... FF IX still holds greatly.

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The first Final Fantasy I experienced first hand was FFIX. It was at a friend's house and I wasn't really into gaming at the time due to lack of available options at home. Looked fun. Then I made a new friend later who was a total fan of FF and owned a PS1 and PS2. He let me borrow his PS1 to play FFVIII at home. It was quite fun and to this date I'm really fond of the game, even though gameplay wise it is one of the worst in the series. But I loved the world and the music and I still do, which is why it's still in my top 5. At that point I became interested in the series and started to play all of the NES and SNES games via emulator. I also at some point played FFIX thoroughly but I don't know about the timing on that one. After that I bought a PS3 to play FFX and FFXII and finally FFXIII. the latter two are still very high up in my list while FFX not so much.

Long story short, FFIX is the best FF game and it will stay that way forever until FF goes back to its roots.

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