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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition announced for Switch (2020)

Nautilus said:
Nintendo uploaded the direct.Watch the video in 1080p.Being a direct upload, and not a stream, shows just how gorgeous the game is.

This is trully a (faithful) remake.

I edited it to the official trailer now,does look better now.


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So how many years do I have to wait now for a more complete version of Xenoblade X or a sequel.

I wonder if they'll remaster/remake the OST as well. Also, I hope they change the part of battles when Shulk gets a vision and 'Mechanical Rhythm' or 'You Will Know Our Names' gets interrupted by 'Visions of the Future'. I don't want to hear 'Visions of the Future'; I want to continue hearing 'Mechanical Rhythm' or 'You Will Know Our Names'.

Oh, they better not touch the soundtrack. That soundtrack is perfect the way it is!

ARamdomGamer said:
So how many years do I have to wait now for a more complete version of Xenoblade X or a sequel.

 Very underrated game that I think had a lot of impact on BOTW's development.  I wouldn't actually mind it not having a sequel so much, except for that stupid end credits cliffhanger.  I was satisfied up to that point.

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Totally unexpected. I didnt think they would re-release after the new 3DS version. Maybe metroid prime trilogy could be a candidate to come back as well.
Anyway, my favorite wii game.
and I think is my favorite RPG as well. If not, top 3 for sure.
Day 1, time to play again.

Remake looks sharp, glad the original is getting such a push as it was the game that started the seamless open world approach for jrpg no game was like it at the time. I'm sure X will also get a version on Switch as well although I'd like to see Pandora's Tower get the same treatment.

Y'all can't understand how my pole got straight real fast when I heard the first few notes during the trailer. Instantly knew this was about Xenoblade Chronicles but damn, finally knowing I'll be able to experience the best version of the game next year with added content too ... I'm about to explode :O

cycycychris said:

 I hope it has a lot of graphical improvements though.

Here's a little taste, I mean it's clearly more a remake than a remaster at this point.

We finally got actual grass xD

Edit : And just to beat it into people's head, the lighthing is miles better too ! Metal Face actually looks menacingly sick now :3

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I loved the game, but in addition to having already played it, I don't think I could go back to it after playing Xenoblade 2 with it's uber satisfying combat. Even so I'm still looking forward to seeing the game in glorious HD!

Heh, as someone living in North America, I feel like Nintendo was ashamed of this game during the Wii era (or at least NOA was). Now it's getting the full HD treatment like it was always one of their favorite titles. Funny how things change.