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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Witcher 3 impressions

Radek said:
HoloDust said:

I don't think they could've done much more with a game having that big of an open world and that art style - very reason why I wrote in that thread after the port was reavealed about going with different art style as better solution (though more expensive), cause inevitably this are results of "simply" downporting it.

In my opinion it looks just barely enough to still resemble the game on stronger consoles, it's so much better effort than this lazy FF XV pocket edition port and Cloud version of Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

Well, FFXV pocket is not really the same game as FFXV, more like mobile version of it (with chibis and everything else simplified). As for AC:OD, my guess would be that Ubi had interest in Stadia, since they like to support new platforms...and honestly, I think AC:O (either Origins or Odyssey) might be harder to port than TW3.

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curl-6 said:
HoloDust said:

Yeah, not the only one.

While I think what they've managed to pull off is a feat in its own, I find this approach to porting such a terrible practice.

I know there are people around here who haven't played the game that are excited for this port, but, if you have the option, do yourself a favour and play it somewhere else if you're really interested in the game.

Some folks might want to play it in handheld form though.

As someone who only plays docked and has this pre-ordered, I'm fine with how it looks. I've thoroughly enjoyed games that looked worse.

You are the definition of a fanboy, you buy third party games on switch that cost  60$+ when you can buy vastly better versions on other consoles for 10$-20$. it's pathetic really. you only play docked, no reason to limit yourself from vastly better graphics, frame rate and cheaper games just because you have a hard on for nintendo, plus there are great exclusives, and way more thirdparty games to choose from, sorry just can't understand fanboys like you.

I got this on my ps4pro and its my favorite game on my ps4 by far and I still look forward to this on switch. I think the game play demo by cdprojekt looks much better than i expected. stange it also looks better than the trailer. Maybe the trailer is an older build?

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I already have it on ps4, but this looks better than I expected, i might double dip on this.

Alright you PS4 pro players talking shit go to another thread. My PC pisses all over your console.

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My eyes!!!

The game looks great and actually runs pretty solid too. I watched the digital foundry breakdown, and it was made all the more impressive when they did the side by side comparisons. This port is amazing. Absolutely amazing. Were there concessions made? Absolutely. But, all things considered, it looks to have the world completely intact. If it's not your cup of tea, that's fair. Move along. They obviously made this port for the people that want it. I'll be getting this on cart, it will be nice to actually have a complete edition without a huge day 1 download. Good going cdpr and the developer that helped them do the port(cant remember the name). They did a hell of a job.

I know there's the saying "don't knock it 'til you try it", but I almost missed out on this wonderful title because I initially played it on PS4 and only got about five to ten hours in before I stopped playing due to the long load times and inventory management which got laggier the more items you had.

I eventually bought this again on Steam a couple years ago during one of their sales and ended up putting something like 100 hours into it. Witcher 3 is a beast of a game, and one of the very best of it's kind, but for me, I can't find enough enjoyment to keep me playing when the aforementioned issues are a thing. Ultra-modded Witcher 3 on PC is the very best way to go if that's an option for you, but for the Witcher superfans out there, maybe owning the game on every console and playing it in handheld mode is like a dream come true. :P

think-man said:
peachbuggy said:
Maybe there's something wrong with my eyes but to me, the game looks fantastic. Especially considering it's on the Switch.

Probably nothing wrong with your eyes, you just need to compare it side by side with other platforms. For me, it's way too much of a downgrade. And I only play my switch at home, so portability isn't worth the downgrade. 

Oh yeah, undoubtedly it would pale in comparison to other platforms but I only spoke for what I saw and I thought it looked very impressive for a switch game, especially so considering it's supposed to be such a taxing game. Pretty irrelevant to me personally, as I don't own any other platforms but I guess those who do won't be very impressed by the Switch version in that case.



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Oh my god I can't look at this it hurts my eys how can anybody play this it's so ugly.

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