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I know there's the saying "don't knock it 'til you try it", but I almost missed out on this wonderful title because I initially played it on PS4 and only got about five to ten hours in before I stopped playing due to the long load times and inventory management which got laggier the more items you had.

I eventually bought this again on Steam a couple years ago during one of their sales and ended up putting something like 100 hours into it. Witcher 3 is a beast of a game, and one of the very best of it's kind, but for me, I can't find enough enjoyment to keep me playing when the aforementioned issues are a thing. Ultra-modded Witcher 3 on PC is the very best way to go if that's an option for you, but for the Witcher superfans out there, maybe owning the game on every console and playing it in handheld mode is like a dream come true. :P