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GoOnKid said:

Oh my god I can't look at this it hurts my eys how can anybody play this it's so ugly.

You are letting your signature down!

As for people who herald this as being beautiful and the way it's meant to be played on X1/PS4 I mean... 900p/1080p on those machines at 30fps with struggles in towns/swamp region.

If you have the X1X at least you can play it in either 4k or unlocked frame rate aiming at 60 but at times buckling again under this games stress area's, also the ps4p has 4k checkerboarded with no 60fps mode afaik.

I'm just saying, if you are all about playing a game the way it would be best played... surely anyone saying that in this thread is playing 1080p/60 on a PC at least yeah?

Just in case anyone forgets what that game was like on those systems thinking it was a locked 30fps experience or anywhere near locked

Obviously Switch visuals have taken a hit to make the game as smooth as possible but at the same time for a handheld to deliver Witcher 3 in such a nice way in 2019 I'm going to support that, that system users 25x less power than my Graphics card inside my PC... just the graphics card and it is powering the screen and all the other peripherals as well as the cpu/gpu/memory, expectations in check here what that system is displaying is a great amount of work and care to make sure that the product is as digital foundry says, the full complete Witcher 3 experience on that handheld system.

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