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Seriously though The Last Jedi is decent, the casino part is pointless and the movie doesn’t really feel like it’s part of the whole story, like it’s not actually canon (which is a problem it shares with The Force Awakens), but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Kylo Ren also became a more interesting character than he was.

So 7/10

The Fifth Element

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Fifth Element 7/10 (Everyone loves it for its style, but its the style that turns me off a bit...way too much orange)

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Which Star Wars movie is that. 8th? I guess not, I don't recognize it on Netflix, I guess I gave up after watching 7. So nope, haven't seen it. Ok, who hasn't seen erm, Doctor Strange. It was on tv a while ago, spoiler alert, I fell asleep.

Doctor Strange (2016)

A solid 8/10, easily one of my favourite films in the MCU, can't wait for the sequel either, it's gonna' be interesting for sure!

Alita: Battle Angel (Just watched it for the first time tonight)

Ha, I watched that on the plane. Not bad for killing a couple hours with some disgusting pasta and cheap wine. I enjoyed it, enough to be curious about a sequel. It's one half of Metropolis, now I want to know what's up in the sky. 7/10

One of the other movies I watched on the plane, Tomb Raider (2018)

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Not able to officially rate it.

Pokemon: The First Movie.

7.8/10 Too much water. (Unfortunately I'd probably rate it much lower if I were being honest).

I watched it in theaters as a kid. Mewtwo was cool I guess, but that was explored in the tv show and the game left plenty of room for imagination. I suppose it did give good closure after what happened in the tv show. Like most Pokemon movies most of the enjoyment just came due to the whole atmosphere at a time where Pokemon was everywhere: Snap photobooth in Blockbuster, everyone trading cards, mcdonalds toys, playing the games between my travel sports events. I remember seeing a few of the movies, and liking the one with Entei the most, which I believe was the last movie I saw. I remember they had laid back shorts in the beginning which were mostly interesting due to featuring unreleased Pokemon.

Hacksaw Ridge

My opinions on Hacksaw Ridge differ from the majority consensus. I really liked the first third of the movie where it was just about a guy's determination to provide a service to his country whilst not trying to engage in bloodshed in the process. It's super cheesy, but it feels earnest and charming. The rest of the movie has elements of that, but it kinda just becomes a really long winded action scene that feels like it goes on for too long. Really did not like how the rest of the movie was paced. I get that it was supposed to emulate the long and arduous nature of war, but it becomes really unpleasant to watch after a while. Mel Gibson knows how to shoot action really well and I appreciate that the movie is super violent, but it was a real struggle for me to finish the movie when I last watched it. 5/10 I guess.

American Beauty



9/10 great plot, great actors, that one memorable scene ;). I think all us married men can relate.


10/10 Solid, fun, quirky, and for some reason there's still talk about a sequel which I hope never happens