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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How physical are you?


how physical are you?

0-10% 23 20.18%
11-20% 6 5.26%
21-30% 6 5.26%
31-40% 5 4.39%
41-50% 8 7.02%
51-60% 8 7.02%
61-70% 5 4.39%
71-80% 12 10.53%
81-90% 12 10.53%
91-100% 29 25.44%

I am fine with digital, but streaming can eff right off

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Within like five years I've gone from 100% physical to 100% digital. The convenience of it destroyed any sort of nostalgia I had for the old ways. I have no desire to have to carry around games or boxes of games ever again.

PC: ~1% physical
Console: ~75% physical

Would have liked the console number to be higher. PC, I have a lot of smaller games so I don't mind downloading them. Not a fan of downloading huge games, which my console games tend to be.

Varies quite a lot per platform for me
Switch: 98% physical
Xbox: 50%
PC: 0%

The massive size of my PC library out weighs the other platforms pushing me well into a higher digital %.

My body is 100% physical, but I feel mind and sensation caused by bodily stimuli can be considered beyond physical.

In terms of owining exclusive pieces of plastic on which my video game data are loaded onto; I have not purchased any physical items besides consoles and accessories since the early 3DS era. Even longer for PC.

ALTHOUGH! When it comes to mobile! I’m STILL backing N-Gage all the way baby! 

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

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91-100% has a lot. I guess a significant portion of people here don’t play Steam games and rarely play indie titles. Sad really.

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

On the Ps4, I'm 95% digital.

kirby007 said:
VAMatt said:
I buy physical most of the time, so that I can resell my games. But, I'm too busy to resell often these days. So, I think digital will likely get an increasing portion of my gaming spend going forward. If I'm not going to resell, I prefer the convenience of digital. With that said, I won't pay significantly more for a digital game. So, if the game is a year or more old, and I don't want to wait for a sale, I'm likely going to go with a used, physical copy.

Quite frankly even digital games these days are quite cheap if you keep an eye out 

Especially if you have a busy enough life that you got yourself a backlog. Don't have the time like I did when younger to play and beat every game coming out.

There are a ton of great games I could buy right now, but I have a hard time finding time to play games, so I'll just play the ones I have and snag the ones I want when they on crazy sales. 

100% for consoles, 0% for PC.






On Switch roughly 50/50 but I only buy digital if digital is the only option (with one exception).

On PC/Mac (yes you can play games on a Mac) I'm 100% digital.

If I had a PS4/XBO I would probably be 100 % digital if I had one, why buy the disc if I have to install the game on the harddrive anyway?