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how physical are you?

0-10% 23 20.18%
11-20% 6 5.26%
21-30% 6 5.26%
31-40% 5 4.39%
41-50% 8 7.02%
51-60% 8 7.02%
61-70% 5 4.39%
71-80% 12 10.53%
81-90% 12 10.53%
91-100% 29 25.44%

100% physical, more often than not I end up buying a good number of games before buying the console to play said games. If there is no physical version of a game I'll buy it at full price or wait for heavy discounts depending on the effort the publisher put in the series, specially for big publishers. For example, even if I disliked the decision I paid full price for Ace Attorney 5 and 6 because Capcom tried with physical releases before for the series and they judged that it didn't work for them. The same can't be said about NoA and it's decision to skip Fatal Frame 4 for the Wii and bring Fatal Frame 5 as a digital-only release for a Wii U with barely any new releases at that point in time, that alone made me wait for a heavy discount before buying the game (... and I'm still waiting for it)

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PC - 100% steam

Consoles - 100% physical (although meaningless number if day one patch is huge these days)



Probably around 80-90% in my overall librairy but I'm 100% with First Party Nintendo games, the only digital games I do buy are Indies that I didn't foresee receiving a physical release usually.

And I'll keep it this way forever cuz I of course want to keep posession of the goods I bought ;)

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The last time I bought a new game digitally was Blaster Master Zero in 2017. Before that was Perfect Dark HD and Mega Man 10 in 2010. Just three this decade. That's it. Aside from those, I bought a handful of Virtual Console games for my Wii U and 3DS. Needless to say, I never bought a $60 game digitally, though I have acquired a few AAA titles over the past decade for free as part of some kind of deal or promotion (I have a few games on Xbox One through Games With Gold, and I got Pikmin 3 digitally through that free game promotion Nintendo ran for people who bought Mario Kart 8 early).

So, if you want to count just actual purchases (i.e., no freebies) of titles released this generation (including remakes/remasters and compilations of older titles, but excluding Virtual Console titles), I have 33 current-gen games in total on physical and only one digital, which would make me 97% physical.

EDIT: And since SvennoJ decided to go beyond just gaming, I thought I would, too.

For books, music, and movies, I'm 100% physical. I have never downloaded an e-book, mp3 (or other digital music file), or digital movie before, but I have a lot of print books & manga, a ton of CDs (well over 100), and a bunch of DVDs & Blu-rays. However, if you want to be pedantic and count streaming, I do have subscriptions to Netflix, Prime Video, and Crunchyroll, though it's mostly for TV series, not movies; I tend to view them more like premium cable channels. If I do watch something I really like, I will try to buy it physically, though.

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In accordance to the VGC forum rules, §8.5, I hereby exercise my right to demand to be left alone regarding the subject of the effects of the pandemic on video game sales (i.e., "COVID bump").

I only ever get console games physical if it's available but that's a very rare occurrence these days. Not ideological but just because I don't want to download 60+ gigs.

I haven't bought any console games the past year so I'm pretty much 0% right now. Any other media I'm also 0%.

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PC pretty much all digital, PS4 pretty much all physical, switch depends, if its cheap enough or going to get a lot of playtime (multiplayer, massive replay value etc.) and I know I will enjoy it I go digital, otherwise I go physical.
Steam makes digital pretty much the only option, PS4 I don't mind going physical since most games I get for the PS4 get a single playthrough but I try to go digital with switch when I can since it aids the portability so much

I'm more digital than I like to be.
Game Pass plays a huge factor in that. I'm not buying any game that is more than €10 at this point because so many games have been added to Game Pass that I've bought for ~€20 and barely played them. I want to minimize wasting my money with that move.
Tons of indies don't get a physical release, so I have no choice.
I have a second Xbox One, so with a digital game I can play it on both systems simultaneously, which is quite a strong point for digital.

I own 516 Xbox One games, 90 physical and 426 digital. That's 83% digital.
Counting all games I've played on Xbox One, it's 88% digital.

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Almost entirely digital. Buying one copy and sharing with my brother is worth it more than being able to sell it later. Switch would be an exception because you can't play on two consoles at once with the same copy, online anyway, Switch sales for first party games are terrible (Wow Mario Kart 8 is in their e3 eshop sale right now for the amazing price of £34!!!!), and Nintendo games still sell for a ton years later.

Almost 100% regarding "big games".
Almost 0% regarding "indie games".

New Big AAA games. Disk only.

Online games I can't get on disc, wait until an onsale.

Big games I have digital are were either given to me on PS+ but I have the disc also (Borderlands Collection, Bloodborne) or 50% or more off offers (Diablo 3, Dragon Age:Inquistion, although I bought this with the console and traded in my copy for a PSN voucher which paid for the GOTY edition. :P). If I could get Overwatch for £5 digital, I'd probably pay that just so I don't have to put the disk in all the time but at the moment I'm playing Skyrim (which I got for £10 digital), Dauntless and Overwatch so that disk remains in the drive.

My main issue with digital is simply that it doesn't have competitive pricing. Injustice 2 Legendary Edition is £48 on PSN, it was released march last year, you can currently get it for £15 in Argos. KH3 is on sale on PSN right now, £33, Argos? £28 and that's not on sale, it's just the price they are selling it, when the PSN sales ends, it'll be £55 again, no doubt. Considering you can't sell it and/or exchange it, it needs to be better pricing competitively but online stores can control their pricing, essentially fixing the price, they don't compete with high street or online stores as they don't need to.

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