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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Ok, E3 presentations are over. Who won?


Who won E3 2019?

EA 2 0.75%
Microsoft 19 7.17%
PC Gaming show 1 0.38%
Bethesda 4 1.51%
Square Enix 45 16.98%
Ubisoft 5 1.89%
Limited Run 0 0%
Devolver Digital 4 1.51%
Nintendo 173 65.28%
Other 12 4.53%

Nintendo. They had a lot of new games to show off and proper reveals of some already-announced games, with actual gameplay in most of the trailers and a few in-depth gameplay demonstrations, and a lot of exclusives.

MS could have had it since Sony wasn't present this year, but they decided to play it safe. It was a decent conference, but not outstanding. While we did get official confirmation of Scarlett's existence and a very basic description of what's going into the system (like what Sony already did with the PS5). There were a lot of games announced, but there was very little gameplay footage spread among the videos, and only a couple of new announcements were exclusives. I guess they didn't want to reveal too much to let Sony counter later in the year. In any case, they're clearly holding back for next year's E3.


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Square Enix. I'm interested in nearly all their games shown on this e3.

No More Heroes III and Panzer Dragoon on Switch. Plus so, so much more. Nintendo easily took this E3.

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SKMBlake said:

Liked what looked like to be a FF7 remake, hated that it was actually FF7.1 and SE don't even know how many FF7 episodes they will release, which is a shame.

At this point it would've made more sense to do a remaster instead of a full remake.

GhaudePhaede010 said:
No More Heroes III and Panzer Dragoon on Switch. Plus so, so much more. Nintendo easily took this E3.

Helps that the other presenters didn't really have all that much to entice players.

Nintendo obviously, but Square was a comfortable second.

MAJOR points go to any conference where half of it isn't some rando on stage spouting ten minutes of corporate speak about "we strive to deliver innovate experiences with incredible worlds, compelling characters..." etc. bullshit that literally no one wants to hear. Just shut up and announce games and possibly go into detail. 

Microsoft was better than usual (not saying much though, to be honest), but the biggest takeaway was a bunch of games that Microsoft pretended are exclusives and another console is coming that's just more of the same with a launch title that's the sixth installment in a series that's fallen from grace without the developer that made the series good involved. Meh as per usual.

I genuinely feel the Nintendo model of "Hi, I'm an important Nintendo guy. Welcome. Now here's a montage of a bunch of stuff you want" E3 is the future (though quick, silly prerecorded videos with Nintendo's signature humor never hurt anyone) and I think Sony and to some degree Square Enix saw the writing on the wall with that. On top of all that it's just breeding ground for awkward memes.

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E3 was so bad this year that Sony won by not attending...

The GAMERS won. *looks at the GAMERS and nods*

Nah but probably Nintendo.

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Nintendo with the best games, Devolver with the best conference (as usual)

MS edged out Nintendo, because MS had more cool shit to talk about. The only exciting thing to come out of Ninty's presentation for me is Zelda. MS teased their new console and XCloud, and they really dropped some huge news with that $15 price tag on Gamepass Ultimate.

Really no one won. E3 has been disappointing for a while now.

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