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Chrkeller said:
Train wreck said:

The majority of those games were announced/shown at previous Nintendo directs/Conferences.  Just list the games that were newly announced for this E3.

I would, but I don't see the sense in doing such.  Something like LM3 we knew was coming, but this was the first time we saw actual gameplay footage.  It was a very good E3 by Nintendo.  There is a lot of stuff coming, hence why I don't get the negativity.  In particular Astral Chain looks really good.  

Overall it seems like moving goalposts to me.  The original claim was everything was ports/remasters...  and now it is there weren't any surprises.  Which is funny, because BotW 2 was a surprise.  Same with NMHIII, Dark Crystal, Panzer.  Either way, the question is who had the best E3.  And it was Nintendo.  They had the most games, with the most release dates with the most gameplay demos.  It was a very nice E3.   

I didn't claim anything to have a goal post moved. If and when TwinTail comments on your post would that apply.  I was just looking for a list of games from Nintendo's 2019 E3 that was not announced previously...which I was able to obtain myself.