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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Digital Foundry Analysis: In Theory: The Witcher 3 on Switch - Is A Port Actually Possible?

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Conclusion :

It can , but the graphic will make the games look different and unplayable  

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Or they could do stream only version in Japan which would leave graphics same and playable as long as good internet connection.

An interesting conclusion but he is underestimating what the Poles can do.

If they could take Monte Cassino in WWII, they can get this little job done.

Ok stretching at straws ahaha.



Or, it could be completely remade in a new engine? I don't know how viable that option is, but it could pay off.

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Part of me wonders whether it's actually The Witcher II which is being ported to the Switch, and it's being misreported as III. Considering that II already has a 360 port, it'd probably be easy to bump its resolution up to 1080p, maybe make a few other graphical improvements, and slap it on the Switch.

(Then again, they said the same thing about Saint's Row the Third, and look how that turned out...)

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Pretty daring statement at this time, if it happens that they’re wrong and the game gets announced in a couple of days looking halfway decent, it would hurt their credibility.

I doubt it would run on NSW, unless it's streaming.

God bless You.

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Well even the non-experts here know it will be a very hard battle to make it happen

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I mean, a port of anything is theoretically possible. Now what it will end up looking like and running like...who the hell knows.

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„Conclusion :It can , but the graphic will make the games look different and unplayable“

No, that ain‘t DF‘s conclusion!

He only says that it won‘t be an easy port and that some areas would have to be reworked.