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Forums - PC Discussion - Star Citizen. Finally someone calls a spade a spade. Scam.


Star citizen

Crowd funding disaster 23 43.40%
Crowd funding success 13 24.53%
There is still hope 8 15.09%
I have no dog in this fight 9 16.98%

on youtube, the video's title changed to "Not a scam"

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I don't understand why SC gets so much airtime whereas Elite Dangerous has already shipped and is pretty decent.

they just want to put too much shit in the game, making it requires like a lifetime to complete.

I play in the alpha test sometimes, it is progressing.

deskpro2k3 said:
on youtube, the video's title changed to "Not a scam"

That is pretty funny that the title changed.


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Even if it does come out sometime, it is still a scam. The game was supposed to launch 5 years ago. A delay of a few months, maybe even a year or two, could be considered a normal part of game development. But, running 5 years over a deadline is not normal. It means that they lied in the initial pitch, and lied about that lie over and over again. They clearly didn't have the ability to deliver the game, but continually claimed that they would do so.

After seeing some of the progress it gained from the latest build, it is definitely progressing towards a good path. (I mean, better progression than almost anything EA has worked at this point)

Problem is ... the ambition might kill the whole thing, they'll need a smaller scope of goals if you ever wish to see a finished game sooner or later.

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deskpro2k3 said:
I play in the alpha test sometimes, it is progressing.

It's actually really fun!


From what I've been seeing the past few months, it actually looks like it's progressing rather well.

I'm especially loving how insanely huge that space port city is.

That being said, I don't see it as a scam, not until it reaches a point where zero progression is made, and everything is literally made up excuses, debunked by fellow members of staff (which we see as being common within this industry, in regards to crunch time reports).

I'm still patient to wait for the single player version of the game. I do have to wonder though, as to when both versions come out, will those constantly shitting on the game eat crow for the next 8 years? (not even a question, because on, no one would ever admit that they've been acting like a nonce for 8 straight years, and it's sad that no one could be held to that). 

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John2290 said:

Yes, poor people are so invested they continually add to it. Omce you spend a couple of grand you don't want to see that money go down on a sinking ship so you pay more to keep it afloat. 

Uhh, if you spend a couple of grand on something like this you aint poor then.


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