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Forums - Music Discussion - What's your favourite genre of music?


What's your favourite genre of music?

Pop 7 10.94%
Rock 23 35.94%
Metal 14 21.88%
Hip-hop/rap 3 4.69%
Dance/EDM 5 7.81%
Country 1 1.56%
Jazz 0 0%
Classical 1 1.56%
Other 10 15.63%

Positive version of my previous thread ( )

Which genre(s) of music do you like the most, and why? And what are some specific subgenres you especially like?

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Basically all music except dubstep. I just cannot stand it. I think my favourite subgenre if you can call it that is Southern Rock.

I basically listen to pretty much all types of music (except for hardcore versions of metal, those are not meant for me).
If I had to pick some favourites: classic rock, prog rock and disco too.

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I'll listen to a lot of stuff, but these days the genre I follow most closely is synthwave.


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I mostly listen to thrash metal, punk, and 90's rap. But, I listen to lots of other stuff as well.

My favorite is the same genre used for when color-coded teenage heroes beat up a new rubber suited bad guy every weekend.

Classical, Pop, Hip Hop/R&B, and Rock are my favorites.

Though as of lately, been getting into Jazz and other old school style of music from the 1940s to 1970s.


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R&B, Pop, and Rap (sometimes).

I dislike most Rap + Metal.... apart from that, I rather enjoy most other genre's.

I like dance/house/electro, and pop/rock mostly.
But if im in the mood, I can enjoy a good jazz song too.