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What's your favourite genre of music?

Pop 7 10.94%
Rock 23 35.94%
Metal 14 21.88%
Hip-hop/rap 3 4.69%
Dance/EDM 5 7.81%
Country 1 1.56%
Jazz 0 0.00%
Classical 1 1.56%
Other 10 15.63%

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Which genre(s) of music do you like the most, and why? And what are some specific subgenres you especially like?

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Basically all music except dubstep. I just cannot stand it. I think my favourite subgenre if you can call it that is Southern Rock.

I basically listen to pretty much all types of music (except for hardcore versions of metal, those are not meant for me).
If I had to pick some favourites: classic rock, prog rock and disco too.

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I'll listen to a lot of stuff, but these days the genre I follow most closely is synthwave.


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I mostly listen to thrash metal, punk, and 90's rap. But, I listen to lots of other stuff as well.

My favorite is the same genre used for when color-coded teenage heroes beat up a new rubber suited bad guy every weekend.

Last few years I have only been able to appreciate Movie scores, game scores etc but prior I used to have every genre on my Ipod with the only exception being metal screaming music. I even managed to come to like certain drum n' bass thanks to certain drugs and genre distribution wqs pretty even with Rap and rock being the majority. Favourite genre? Probably Veitnam and other rock (and general music) stretching that era, they really got music right in the 60's and 70's.


China Numba wan!!

Classical, Pop, Hip Hop/R&B, and Rock are my favorites.

Though as of lately, been getting into Jazz and other old school style of music from the 1940s to 1970s.


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R&B, Pop, and Rap (sometimes).