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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Zelda Breath of the Wild Turns 2 today!

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I wasn't as blown away by it as everybody else seems to have been. I mean it was good, but it didn't blow me away. My main beef with the game was the weapon system.

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The only game outside of the Playstation ecosystem that have peaked my intrest.

Absolutely fantastic game and has dethroned Ocarina as the best Zelda game for me. I think it's time for me to buy the DLC and replay the game in hard mode this year. There's so much I haven't discovered yet.

I hope we get another open world 3D Zelda like Breath of the Wild on the Switch.

I absolutely love so much about this game. The world is just one whole jigsaw and completely full of distracting things to do. It's so much fun walking around trying to figure out your way and by the end of it, even 2 years after playing, you can map the world out in your head which is so rewarding. I love the way items work differently and you have to constantly customise it. There's so much good from this game that it's amazing they can still do a lot to improve. For me here are the 3 things I want, and not that these were bad but rather have the most potential to improve:

- Enemy types. I think it's fair to say that BoTW runs thin on this one. Regional enemy models would give the world a lot more character and the bosses can be more unique instead of being the same dark Gannon form they have. Are they better than older bosses? Yes, but older bosses were more memorable and had a lot of charm, even though they were let down by their lack of difficulty.

- Dungeons! The divine beasts were nice but I felt they were more of mega shrines rather than the pure dungeon experiences. I get that they fit the narrative but compared to previous dungeons these were pretty bland with bland boss fights. I think dungeons could come back bigger and sharper.

- Improve the physics. Yes the physics were so good in this game. The way the whole world interacts with each other is truly remarkable. They've built an amazing foundation for future games, and yet I still feel this is only the beginning. I think just refining what already exists and adding some variety and new bits would elevate the world even more.

Even that said, it's my favourite game, at least of this generation and for a long time. The game is so well designed that it guides you so subtly that it's so refreshing. All of those elements helped to do that.

For a few years now, games have felt like chores. You have to either finish missions, defeat bosses, level up quickly, etc... I've forgotten what made me love video games really. I used to play games so casually minded. It was so much fun sailing in the Windwaker right before you go to Gannon when the world really opens up. Looking back the world of Windwaker is so scarcely filled compared to this one but the feeling I got from that game is something I haven't felt till Breath of the Wild. I've honestly forgotten what made me fall in love with Zelda and video games and BoTW will always be the game that got me back.

I loved the game, to me the only game to date that deserved to get review scores 10/10.

I haven't had as fun with a video game in 20 or 25 years.

At first I did hate the weapon system, but as I played I started to really like it. It added an gameplay aspect and made sure you really use most of the weapons you find in the game instead of sticking to 1 or 2 favourites.

With all this said of course there are always stuff that could be done a bit different or better. But all in all it's a fantastic game.

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Shiken said:
Dulfite said:
I'm seriously tempted to replay it. Or do some of the side stuff. Actually I haven't done the dlc yet, is it worth the cost and is it fun? I'm a sucker for narrative and backstory. Please advise.

The DLC overall is worth it for the price, even of many feel master mode should have been included in the base game.


But even at a pure content standpoint, you will get another Divine Beast, Some more Shrines, a UNIQUE boss fight, some side quests, and a few side items to hunt down through hints that I actually found quite fun.


There is also the trial of the sword, which is very much like Eventide Island but taken to the next level and much longer.  You can easily lose 10 to 20 hours in that alone pending on how many times you fail.  It is a nice challenge and you unlock the full power Master Sword at all times when you complete all three difficulties.


Lore wise, you get a look into the personalities of the Champions, but it is nothing to write home about.  It is fun and offers good content though, so I recommend it if you want some more time in Hyrule.

Thank you!

An amazing game!!! It is by miles and miles the most fun I ever had in an open world game!! Too bad that the lack of real dungeons kind of hinders the replayability for me. Hyrule Castle is a fantastic dungeon, but it's the only one.

this game was amazing, but man did i really want a hookshot. or even better, TP double hookshot

I personally hate it with the fire of a thousand hells, but nice for you guys that you enjoy it I guess.

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