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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Zelda Breath of the Wild Turns 2 today!

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Dulfite said:
I'm seriously tempted to replay it. Or do some of the side stuff. Actually I haven't done the dlc yet, is it worth the cost and is it fun? I'm a sucker for narrative and backstory. Please advise.

The DLC overall is worth it for the price, even of many feel master mode should have been included in the base game.


But even at a pure content standpoint, you will get another Divine Beast, Some more Shrines, a UNIQUE boss fight, some side quests, and a few side items to hunt down through hints that I actually found quite fun.


There is also the trial of the sword, which is very much like Eventide Island but taken to the next level and much longer.  You can easily lose 10 to 20 hours in that alone pending on how many times you fail.  It is a nice challenge and you unlock the full power Master Sword at all times when you complete all three difficulties.


Lore wise, you get a look into the personalities of the Champions, but it is nothing to write home about.  It is fun and offers good content though, so I recommend it if you want some more time in Hyrule.

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I agree with most things you said in the OP. Botw was such a special game, it was a blast to play for me. The shrines were fun and added that extra bit of depth botw needed. The world design was wonderful, but could used some more trees. Side quest were a bit meh and the lack of voice acting in all cutscenes was puzzling. Devine beast dungeons were fun, but I can't help but miss the classic dungeons. The story was underwhelming but the gameplay was great. I thought I'd not like sword breaking, but it added some strategy to the combat.

I think we will see a sequel to botw next year and it should be a blast.


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That moment when you first leave the cave and look out over hyrule is probably my favourite gaming moment this gen. Ahead of the new donk city festival in odyssey and getting the blades of Olympus in GoW.

To me, the greatest game of all time remains Ocarina of Time...and will probably remain so until something as ground breaking arrives. That said BotW is the closest the series has gotten to it.

After two years I'm still in awe of how great this game is. Never before has exploration been so fun. I honestly thought Nintendo wasn't able to shake up the formula for 3D Zelda games but damn did they do it with this one and succeeded tremendously. I love everything about this game, finding shrines, climbing on top of things to spot where to go next, thinking "I bet if I do this I'll get a Korok seed", fighting Lynels, Guardians, Taluses, gathering stuff to upgrade my gear, Eventide Island and the Trial of Sword where you start with nothing, I could go on and on.

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BotW is the first game in a long time (20 years or so) where, upon completing, I immediately started another game from scratch to complete again. It's probably my most favourite title since the 16bit era.

I haven't finish it, I know that will go back to it sooner than later but with how far I got into the game I can say without doubt in mind that it was the best gaming experience I'ver had. The exploration and interactibility is it's strongest points and I like it for that, also it has a dope art direction !

Another that will be remembered for the ages far after the Switch will be past it's life.

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I remember my first encounter with a Guardian. I was just walking around idly, picking up some shrooms and snacking some roasted nuts when I saw it sitting in the grass a few meters across a meadow. I had only seen disfunctional ones so far so I walked up to it, when suddenly it woke up and the red pointer faced straight at me, the music changed and my heart rate escalted skyhigh. I didn't know how to react and then - BOOM - Game Over. Next time I tried to attack it but it felt like I couldn't even do tiny scratches to him.

It was such an immense satsifaction when I finally managed to destroy it. That moment was pure joy!

And the game is full of these situations. It's truly fantastic. A masterpiece!

Gameplay > Graphics

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Art Direction > Realism

One of my greatest games of all time. Literally gameplay wise, phenomenal.

I can't stop playing the game. The world is just so intoxicatingly Ghibli. I just really hope theres some secret plan from Nintendo to add more to this game :P