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I was going to say Tomb Raider was better than Uncharted, too. I absolutely love what they did with the series since 2013 and I was a huge fan of the trilogy before that, too.

Other opinions that may or may not have been said:
-CTR was kart racing perfection. Better than every Mario Kart until MK Wii.
-Xbox One is all around the best gaming console on the market.
-Resident Evil 5 is great. I kinda want to play it right now instead of RE2...
-8th gen has been entirely lackluster aside from VR and the Switch. I'm not excited for 9th gen. Also, I think Switch is an 8th gen console. Hell, maybe even a portable 7th gen console.
-Wii U was fantastic. It just needed a tiny bit more power.

mZuzek loves Starfox Adventures

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Breath of the Wild isn't even as good as ES Oblivion.

  • Resident Evil 5 and 6 are awesome games.
  • Exclusives are good for the gamers.
  • Games should never be made with online fatures as their main focus.
  • Overall, the internet has made gaming worse.
  • A super powerful Nintendo console would be the best thing to happen in gaming history, and yes, they DO NEED cutting edge graphics technology.
  • The "gameplay above anything else" mentality is actually holding videogames back as an art form.
  • Piracy is not only not as bad as it is said, it's even necessary.

K, let's see, probably will forget some.


I don't like Persona, tried to get into it with 3 different games, but it is just bland and boring for me, way below the quality of the SMT games pre-IV. On that note, Atlus has gotten lazy with the SMT games, IV was a fine game when I first played it but it felt, somewhat lacking, going back to the first three games and spin offs like DDS and Raidou I can find that passion that IV was lacking and I'm not even going to get into Apocalypse or the treatment of remakes and Kaneko's character design.

Find Sony's current first party output to be boring, with some exceptions like Gravity Rush, cause I feel like I'm playing a videogame.

Fire Emblem Fates Conquest is the best FE, mechanically and level design wise, we have gotten since Path of Radiance.

I enjoy Xenoblade Chronicles X more than 1 and 2 despite its clear issues. Also its OST is one of my absolute favorites of all time.

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon is my favorite metroid styled one of the series, combines well the classic difficulty with exploration, also don't find Symphony of the Night that enjoyable.

Hate Kingdom Hearts, if is not its simplistic combat, it is the terrible representation of a lot of films I really like. Also from what I have listened of its music from the games I played, really weak work by Shimomura, doesn't reach the quality of a Mario and Luigi game personally, or Smash Bros. remixes for that matter.

Federation Force was a decent game, they really should have released this between Samus Returns and Prime 4, is a fun time and a more respectful title to its franchise than Other M.

The first Paper Mario has better gameplay flow, pacing and structure than Thousand Year Door, the latter also at fault for a very forgettable OST.

Bravely Default and Octopath Traveler are soulless games, their gameplay is good and all, that I won't take away from them, but their stories and characters are so badly structured and constructed, is an insult to the really good examples of their genre back in the 16 bit era.

Cloud and Joker are a waste of slots in Smash Bros. Cloud isn't the best choice for FF rep and even when he is in the game, is such a lazy effort in terms of music, stage, spirits, feel like some bad blood between Nintendo and Square is still stuck there. Joker is also not the best for either Persona or its older more deserving father Megami Tensei, felt a demon would have been better to represent the series, feel he is just there for the memes more than anything, like if Sans from Undertale were to be a fighter, also the fact that I feel there are RPG series that deserve the slot before Persona or in this case for worse, just Persona 5 as indicated by their crossover logo.

Also feel characters like Falco, Pichu and Dr. Mario should be reworked as skins or echoes, feels wrong to just have them being their own thing, like we could have better Pokemon Gen 2 rep, but we only have Pichu, I really hate Pichu.


Think that is enough for now, feels nice to vent once in a while, thanks for the thread.

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iceland said:
Xbox is an acceptable gaming platform

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Skyward Sword is the best Zelda, with Breath of the Wild a distant second.

Naughty Dog games are always overrated. They have great presentation, but their gameplay is always subpar, whether it be Crash, Uncharted, or The Last of Us. The modern Tomb Raiders are far better than the Uncharted games.

The Walking Dead is the best story about an older man taking care of a young girl during a zombie apocalypse, with The Last of Us being second.

Metroid Prime 3 is the best Metroid game.

The fact that sidequests get undone in Majora's Mask really hurts the game and kills my desire to do them.

Rogue Leader is the best Star Wars game.

Spider-Man 2 is overrated. It nailed the web-swinging, but everything else about the game was terrible. Ultimate Spider-Man was much, much better,

Sonic games have never been as good as the contemporary Mario games. Even in the 16-bit era there were many other platformers that were better than all the Genesis Sonic games.

Mass Effect 3 is the game game in the series despite its disappointing ending.

The N64 Goldeneye controls better than most modern dual analog FPS games I hate dual analog shooting controls.

There quite a number of multiplats that were better on the Wii than on the 360 or PS3, including but not limited to Ghostbusters, Force Unleashed, Madden 07, and Tiger Woods after motion-plus was introduced.

Fire Emblem Awakening is by far the best Fire Emblem game.

Doom 3 is just as good as all the other games in the franchise.

Halo single player is not good even on PC with a mouse and keyboard.

I think there was a thread like this last year or something.

Anyway I agree with you on The Last of Us and Uncharted being worse than Tomb Raider. With the sidenote that Uncharted 2 and 3 are still better, but the new Tomb Raider series is much more fun than the first Uncharted, 4, and Golden Abyss and The Lost Legacy I guess. That last one was a mediocre game in general. Naughty Dog needs to take note how collectables are handled in Tomb Raider. Also, The Last of Us was Naughty Dog’s weakest game (of their big main series.

Talking about something else; I love both games, but Zelda: Link’s Awakening is way better and more inpressive than it’s big console brother A Link to the Past.

And lastly, with the exception of a few games, I only play a game as a last resort to combat boredom. If I have anything else to do, I’m not playing a game.

Half the time, the even numbered generations are boring. This is because coincidentally the odd numbered generations introduce new and innovative things, while the generation directly afterwards is more of the same, but with better graphics. Which is uninteresting. This is why my libraries for the 6th and 8th gen completely pale in comparison to what I have from the 5th and 7th gens.

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-Skyward Sword had good motion controls.
-PSASBR deserves a sequel, just overhaul the game mechanics and win conditions, get a better roster and they're set.
-Samus Returns was a much better 2D Metroid than Super, Zero Mission, and Fusion combined.
-Xenoblade Chronicles X is a very boring RPG.
-All the girls in Overwatch are ugly and/or overrated in terms of being "waifu material."
-Waluigi does not deserve to be a playable character in Smash, ever...
-Shovel Knight is an overrated indie game, and did not deserve any representation in Smash whatsoever.
-Persona is the best RPG series of all time, but their company, ATLUS, is one of the worst I've ever dealt with.
-Futaba Sakura > Makoto Nijima

I also agree with you 100% with TLOU and Bayonetta.

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S.Peelman said: 

Half the time, the even numbered generations are boring. This is because coincidentally the odd numbered generations introduce new and innovative things, while the generation directly afterwards is more of the same, but with better graphics. Which is uninteresting. This is why my libraries for the 6th and 8th gen completely pale in comparison to what I have from the 5th and 7th gens.

I very much agree.  While I can find games I like in the even numbered generations, they very much adopt the "more of the same buy better" mentality.  The only exception is generation 2 (which first sold games separately from hardware; kind of a big deal).  Other than that though, the odd numbered generations take risks and innovate while the even ones make modest improvements on the last generation.  Games that take risks are exciting!

Advanced V.G. 2 is better than Street Fighter Alpha 3.