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Forums - Sales Discussion - Japan Sales week 4, January 21 - 27 , 2019

PS4 the number 1 console this week with an amazing opening from Kingdom Hearts 3!

Resident Evil 2 did well for a Remake, pretty sure that most of the sales will come from the west.

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Media Create Numbers :

Resident Evil 2 Remake (PS4) 252848

Resident Evil 7 (PS4) 187306


KHII (PS2) 727591

KHIII (PS4) 610077 

KH (PS2) 464880 

KHBS (PSP) 445962

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KH3 did pretty amazing. RER2E right where expected, good hold by NSMBU and Fitness boxing blowing expectations out of the way :P

KH3 should hit 1M with digital. Great result.

Considering KH III and RE2 lack digital sales which in PS4 should be around 10-15% in Japan por both (i'd be surprised if it's more than that), they did fine, but nothing amazing.

As for PS4..., rough times are coming. PS4 needs desperately a permanent price cut in Japan, if not, PS4 is going to be massively down this year.

And Switch, it seems is coming back already to the baseline of last year of around 50k sales per week. We will see if this is true or not in coming weeks.

Don't want to down-play KH3 numbers, which are great

Nothing to see here, move along

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Nice numbers for KH3, it's a shame that it only made the PS4 top the switch by a few hundred units. And everyone is right, it's all downhill from here for the PS4. it will probably base out at between 10-15k per week in a few weeks.

Kingdom hearts did wonderfully. Resident evil 2 not so much but since it is remake, it does get a bit more leeway.


What it seems too, is that 2019 could be the worst year for hardware sales since i remember in Japan. Everything is dead except Switch, but it doesn't seem Switch is going to have a prime year like DS or Wii back then either...

Rough 2019 coming indeed....

NoCtiS_NoX said:
Shiken said:
All downhill for PS4 from here in Japan. I do not see any other game coming that could give it a good bump at this point.

Gran blue fantasy and final fantasy VII. 

Gran blue fantasy could be a sleeper hit. 

Two things about FF7R...


1. Will the gameplay changes resonate with Japanese gamers?


2. Will it even release on PS4.  At this rate, it might be a PS5 game.


In any case, I do not see them doing more than what they did with KH 3...which really isn't that impressive compared to the boosts we have seen with other big games this gen.

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So this is probably PS4s peak week for the rest of the year until maybe the holidays.
2019 is going to be pretty dire. XBO is now even more dead than usual. Vita has nothing left and 3DS is also going downhill fast.

And Switch cant compensate like that. Needs another model or a pricecut or some release dates.

Ace Combats drop was very hard. Hurts to see that.
KH3 and RE2 had great openings. Hopefully they don't drop like AC7.

Mario Kart legs are still insane. Fitness Boxing had a 73% increase this week for some reason.
Tales of Vesperia for Switch still needs a restock.
Zelda still hanging in there while Pokemon confirmed disappointment in Japan.
NSMBUD is performing on par with its WiiU counterpart.