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Dark Souls is a masterpiece in my opinion.

What a wonderful trilogy.

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git gud

Dark Souls ushered in my gaming renaissance. I started to hate the direction the gaming industry went with overproduced AAA games filled with cutscenes, waypoints, quick-time events and checkpoints. Dark Souls is gaming at its purest, with an amazing amount of depth, freedom, and atmosphere.

Ultimately it's a matter of taste but if you've been gaming for over 2 decades, it's easy to see Dark Souls as an oasis in a desert full of shit games.

mZuzek said:

It's true, though. Certain games aren't meant to be "fun", in the same way that certain movies, for example horror films, aren't meant to be either. Movies, games, books or whatever else, can entertain us in several different ways, and that can often mean not fun.

As for Dark Souls, well... I'm no fan, either. I tried getting into it twice, and I hated it. I hated the difficulty, yes, but specifically my biggest issue wasn't with the trial-and-error nature of it, but rather with how extremely punishing the game is. You often lose up to 20 minutes of progress each time you die, and on top of that you also lose all the experience you got, which you can only recover by making it back to where you died - which is one reason to make you more eager to "just get through" the backtracking, on top of also wanting to do it asap because you don't wanna waste a lot of time replaying stuff you already did, and well, ultimately it leads to you dying again and losing even more progress. It's a completely toxic gameplay loop. I stopped playing at the (apparently infamous) dragon bridge, because that was the point where I died twice in a row to things I couldn't avoid without prior knowledge, and lost far too much progress for me to bother investing again in a game I was simply not enjoying in any way (and this was my second time playing it, the first time I quit even earlier).

I very much dislike all the culture that's been created around this game, the "IT'S HARD" thing, because it is hard in all the wrong ways, and actively wants the player to quit playing. Well guess what, I did quit. It's the modern day equivalent of oldschool games giving you a "game over" and sending you back to the beginning, it's just bullshit. I love me some hard games, and have beaten my fair share of them, but I can only appreciate difficulty if it's well made, and Dark Souls' wasn't.

I very much agree.

Difficulty is fine with me; punishment and frustration masked as difficulty are not.  Old games did it to seem longer but that's not a trick I can accept in today's environment.

I've had enough of games that make me replay entire levels or archaic save mechanisms that waste my time.  That's not difficulty, it's just punishment.  I don't play games to NOT enjoy myself, so I have zero interest in mechanics designed for that very function.  

 it wasn't meant to be fun it was meant to be challenging

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I agree the entire genre isnt fun. I tried playing these type of games and the cheap deaths just frustrate other than make me a better player.
Ashen is the only game i actually enjoyed mainly due to its art style and openworld setting and quests, so in other words the things that make it different from the Souls genre.
I know gamers enjoy hard games but these games arent hard in a skilled way. If you can't beat a boss? Than farm spirit orbs and level your character until you do. Its how i made progression and it bored me.

OK so now i've finished Dark Souls 2 and what i was most curious about was that everybody seems to think it is a step down from DS1. There is no doubt that DS2 is a lesser game, and actually quite tedious at times. Who on earth thought it was a good idea to make the health-bar shorter and shorter after each death

Think this video summarize it very well

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I just always put the focus on getting all of the items in a certain area and not on killing all of the enemies,i get my souls from killing bosses and helping others kill bosses and really the most fun i have in these games is with helping others out.

John2290 said:
After playkng souls 1 back in 2010 and not liking it all that much, giving up fairly early I dedicated myself to Bloodborne to see what the hype was about. It took be over 10 hours to get what bloodborne was as a game and probably double that to realize why the souls formula is so damn good. Darksouls 3 is still the pinnacle for me (other than BB which is better) I think Darksouls 2 is a piece of janky shit and Dark souls 1 is starting to age for sure so It depends on the souls game, I'd only ever recommend DS3 and BB in 2019 to someone who hasn't played the games before. It's certainly a series that you get the most enjoyment out of over a longer period of time and the macro aspect of the games like the RPG elements, progression and exploration than the minute to minute game play and combat but you WILL find a weapon or a playstyle that suits you and you WILL find that you love the combat when you find those and get into a groove.

Dark Souls came out in September 2011. 

I got it all, baby! 

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Beating a huge dragon only wearing a loincloth was pretty funny though

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