John2290 said:
After playkng souls 1 back in 2010 and not liking it all that much, giving up fairly early I dedicated myself to Bloodborne to see what the hype was about. It took be over 10 hours to get what bloodborne was as a game and probably double that to realize why the souls formula is so damn good. Darksouls 3 is still the pinnacle for me (other than BB which is better) I think Darksouls 2 is a piece of janky shit and Dark souls 1 is starting to age for sure so It depends on the souls game, I'd only ever recommend DS3 and BB in 2019 to someone who hasn't played the games before. It's certainly a series that you get the most enjoyment out of over a longer period of time and the macro aspect of the games like the RPG elements, progression and exploration than the minute to minute game play and combat but you WILL find a weapon or a playstyle that suits you and you WILL find that you love the combat when you find those and get into a groove.

Dark Souls came out in September 2011.