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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Dataminers find lists indicating SNES games will be added to NSO line-up

Wow! I like the future of NSO!

Pocky Lover Boy! 

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Now THAT I wouldn't mind to pay for.

Need something off Play-Asia?

the only part that bothers me is that Yoshi's Island is listed. i just prefer the GBA version of the game since it has better sound effects, and would prefer to have that version on the Switch

Nes games don't really interest me, I've been hoping they'd add SNES soon.


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That's great, but at the current rate of new releases for the service...*shrug*

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That's very nice in theory, but if Nintendo continues the rate at which they release these old games on the service then this won't really make much of a difference until at least a year down the line. If all of those listed titles are released simultaneously however, that would actually make the service much more appealing.

Not even with N64 games would be worth it. Put in Gamecube and Gameboy Advance games and then we might have something.

That would be great news! I hope they develop this into a fully fletched streaming service for older games. While I prefer to actually buy a title, I don't want to pay for them again and again with each console generation. A streaming service for all retro systems up to the Wii would be great.

Weird exclusion from this list is Donkey Kong Country. Other than that, it's a pretty solid list that would definitely encourage more people to subscribe. Sure, the NES may be more iconic and important to Nintendo's history (and gaming's history in general), but the SNES is where all the real memories are at for a lot of people.

Flilix said:
Well, SNES is obviously coming to Switch sooner or later. I guess they could release a new console for the online service every year - by September they'll basically have run out of NES titles to release.

September 2024 at the current pace.