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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Furukawa Says Nintendo Could One Day Shift Away From Console Development

He isn't saying anything different from what Satoru Iwata has said. It's just that NintendoLife is butchering a translation that was made by NintendoEverything by combining snippets of Furukawa's answers to two separate questions into one answer in order to support a wild interpretation and sensational headline. Then the VGC forum adds its own special CaptainExplosion factor and we get a thread about Nintendo abandoning consoles.

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Nintendo, develop for PC. Please.

With respect to the smartphone stuff, I called this approach years ago though, smartphone apps would not just be "advertisements" for Nintendo IP, Nintendo would want real profit streams and would not be able to ignore that.

Oh boy, Gamexplain posted it and people are getting into fast and wrong conclusions once again ...

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All companies have to start thinking about what they will do in the post-hardware world. That means Sony and MS too. MS is already planning to offer a streaming game service next gen, and while that won't be perfect and work for everything, it probably will work well enough for tens of millions of people, and once that ball gets rolling ... it likely won't ever slow down.

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I would honestly like to see Nintendo go for a more powerful system next time round and really try to compete with Sony and Microsoft. With Switch performing how it is and being used as an actual gaming machine (vs How well the Wii did, although I think in the end that was treated more as a lifestyle machine) now would be the perfect time to introduce a powerful Console and gain the majority of 3rd parties again. All they would have to do is not scree up the machine's chances ie gamecube mini discs or N64 cartridges that make development costs higher and drive up game prices while losing 3Rd party support all over again.

This new president could Tey to start things fresh and go for broke with the next generation but I guess we'll have to see if he wants to take the company in that direction at all. This would be the perfect time to at least try it with the Switch actually being successful.

Either way though, if the industry heads to streaming services only they would need a powerful machine anyway.

Even though something like Nintendo not making more consoles, is years aways, it's also true that streaming is a reality.

That doesn't mean that Xbox, PS and Switch (?) will have to become a mere stream subcription.
If there's one thing that people love is to get everything in a single place and be easy - if not instant - to use.
Then, the future might just be that future consoles evolve and become more like the go to device… or devices!

Whose to say that in the future, a console will be a stand alone device?
Imagine a console that can be separated so it can work with several TVs and you can either put the game card/disk in those parts or even stream through those parts.
Imagine if you can take a part of a console, plug it into your PC, laptop or smartphone and stream the game to such devices.

A stream only future for console manufacturers is far from being the only option.

WolfpackN64 said:
I see a lot of people betting on game streaming but I'm pretty certain that's not the way we're going to go.
1. Console sales are still on the up. The market is clearly not saturated for traditional gaming consoles.
2. Game streaming services already exist and 3. These services continue to be in a niche position. Save for a few enthousiasts, they haven't caught on in years.
3. Games are like books, content that is just not suitable for streaming. Music and movies lend themselves well to the mentality to having a vast collection of media to consume on a whim and in a moment. Books and games are something you put significantly more time investment in and thus are better to have in a personal library. Books, like games, have streaming services and just like games, these aren't mainstream despite having existed for years.

So no, game streaming is not going to be a major thing. But what do I know, I listen to music on vinyl, I might just be resistant to change.

I reckon this is why people see console gaming moving to mobile. That technology gap is shrinking and it offers a bigger difference to PC gaming.

Ok, this worries me a bit, especially the last part where he mentions about wanting to increase the number of mobile offerrings.

I do understand where he is comming from: We cant know what happens 30, 50 years from now.I GUESS thats where he is comming from.In 50 years maybe the notion of consoles wont exist anymore, even if, whatever it turns out to be, will still be considered as "tradicional gaming", however close to our tradicional that gets.Why?Because things changes, simply as that.

But I dont know, I dont like how he phrased that.He could have said it better if what he means is what i just said.Lets hope he dosent mean what it seems to be.Either way, we shouldnt worry about if for a good while anyway.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

Yeah, this was taken out of context. Basically he suggested at some undefined point in the future Nintendo may consider finding a way to provide the "Nintendo experience" without developing a home console, which, given Switch's hybrid nature, is already a path they're on. Secondly, he was talking about developing more mobile games in the near term - not migrating Nintendo's business entirely onto mobile by dropping consoles. Nintendo's mobile business is still only a small part of their revenue, after all.