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thanks for the updates above guys, didn't follow much apart from the deal negotiations

and US election tomorrow is going to affect Brexit, Boris probably dragged the talks as far because of it

Trump wasn't as bad as I thought he would, still

Joe Biden all the way please ^_^

don't mind my username, that was more than 10 years ago, I'm a different person now, amazing how people change ^_^

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JRPGfan said:
Economical upsides were never going to be a reason to leave EU.

But that wasn't a good reason for Brexiteers not to argue that the UK would better off economically. Like here, for instance:

Welp, looking at what is currently happening in the UK is what you can also expect from a Brexit No Deal scenario.

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A deal has been reached.
Bilateral trade deal worth £668bn or more, a year.

From What I gather (about the two worse issues they had):

UK goes from haveing 50% of fish in its waters, to about 66%, and after a transition periode of 5,5 years, it will be renegotiated.
UK would need those years, to invest in more fishing fleets, to catch more fish anyways.

UK agreed to following stuff like equal playing field, and EU rules & standards, will be respected.
(subsidies, tax, workers’ rights, environment standards... ect ect)
There are effective tools, to react with if fair competition is distorted and impacts trade.
(ei. Tarifs will be put on, if UK is found to breaching it)

The big winners, with a FTA in place, all this border issue stuff is basically gone.
(border controll (the troubles, good friday agreement ect), and tarifs would have really hurt them)

continue operating on (area's of mutual interest):
climate change, energy, security and transport.

Seems EU was very "gentle" with the UK, and didnt really screw themover.
This is just my first impression from watching Boris talking about it live atm.

Ofc this is supposedly 2000 *500+ pages long..... it 'll be a while until we the public know exactly what is in it.

Still cant believe how UK acted, and then how decently the EU treated them, dispite it all.

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Gibraltar is now part of the Schengen area.

As a tourist not much is changing honestly. When I went there I had to show my ID card but no one of the border guards were even looking at it.

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It looks like Brexit negative side effects are far more terrible than Nigel Farage could ever imagine! 

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Alby_da_Wolf said:

It looks like Brexit negative side effects are far more terrible than Nigel Farage could ever imagine! 

Upto brexit, alot of the supply chains stockpiled stuff.
Because they knew there would at the very least, be temp. disruption.

However somethings, you need fresh.
Fruit & veggies, for exsample.

This is mostly a issue with northern ireland.

Theres also the story of scotish fishermen, that normally sell crab/clams ect, are running into issues getting things delivered in time.
Apparently if you cant store these things right, and get them where they need to be within 24hours, its not something a buyer wants to pickup.
So currently alot of this just ends up in a landfill somewhere in scotland. Scotish fisherman are makeing very little, because their market to sell these items were in the EU.

Same with brishtish fishermen, they need certifications and health inspections ect ect..... but they dont have things ready on their side of the fence.
They might not until mid april.  So currently bristish fishermen, are just sitting back on land, watching their boats, with no income/profits.
Apparently the costs of running a ship, has a certain threshhold it needs to pass before its profitable. To do so, you need to catch x amount of something, and be able to sell it.  They arnt. So they just choose to not go fish.   The EU, used to subsidise the gas, for the ships.... so its now more expensive for british fishermen to go fish as well.

Ontop of all that, because they cant sell to the EU, they can only try to sell (those that still attempt to fish) what they have to internal markets.
The problem is, they have more fish than they want/can to eat.  This drives prices down (competetion) on fish (which is currently great for british consumers that love to eat fish all day long), but overtime its gonna hurt the bottom line on alot of these fishing boats.

Also apparnetly to get around all this red tape, its easier to just "relocate" your bussiness to another place.
Ei. Denmark.  So a fishing company may pay danish taxes, and offload the fish it caught to danish places where they are cleaned/certified and all that, and shipped out.  This will create jobs in denmark, and pay taxes to denmark..... while the fishing crew / boat, resides in the UK.
(setting up, chains, and moveing things around like this is alot of hassel..... some might just not return afterwards).

All this fuss the UK made about Fishing.
Now it looks like the UK is fine, just leaveing them to rot.
They are actively destroying their own fishing industry (currently), from the looks of it.

Ontop of alot of these fishing boats, makeing a liveing by selling to markets that relied on resturants ect.
Demand is low.....  Covid19 (closed resturants) + brexit, could kill alot of the UKs fishing industry.

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Time to let go, it's not happening

JRPGfan said:



Ontop of alot of these fishing boats, makeing a liveing by selling to markets that relied on resturants ect.
Demand is low.....  Covid19 (closed resturants) + brexit, could kill alot of the UKs fishing industry.

Advantages and disadvantages. Gotta take the rough with the smooth.

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^Apples vs. oranges comparison.

UK started vaccinating people earlier so it's more than obvious that they administered more than other countries.
What does this have to do with the amount of doses that a country has? Nothing. EU countries have plenty of doses (and so does the UK). The article was wrong there, sure but the comparison is just way off.
Would be interesting if the second part of the aricle was true (higher costs). We know what the EU pays but I guess we don't have numbers for the UK.