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Barozi said:

Lot of Corona talk in here. Moving to a different topic:

Amsterdam edges ahead of London as Europe's top share trading hub

Amsterdam edged ahead of London to become Europe’s biggest share trading centre in January, benefiting from Brexit forcing European Union investors to use platforms inside the bloc.
Exchanges in the Dutch capital traded 9.2 billion euros ($11.15 billion) a day in January, more than London’s 8.6 billion euros, according to figures from Cboe Europe exchange, which operates in both cities.
This compares with an average of 17.5 billion euros traded daily in London during 2020, when Frankfurt was second with 5.9 billion euros a day, and Amsterdam sixth at 2.6 billion daily, Cboe said.

Wasn't mentioned in the article but looked it up and previous 2nd place Frankfurt increased from 5.9bn in 2020 to 6.7bn in January 2021.

Not to long ago Britian was the 5th largest economy in the world (I think it was?), then brexit hit.... its now (resently) I think it went down to 7th.

Financial services (services) are a HUGE part of the british (UK) economy (~80%).
They are going to take a heavy blow, because they likely wont get equivilence with the EU sector.
(uk are trying to get out of laws that make it hard to hide tax's, and instead become a tax haven)

Stuff like loseing "Carbon emissions contracts" handling, is worth on its own $1,2bn+ pr year.
(thats heading to Holland (amsterdam))

And its just the tip of the iceberg.
It'll get worse before it gets any better.... ei. UK is gonna keep loseing parts of its economy to EU for a few years to come.
(every other day, it feels like you hear about another bussiness either under, or moveing to a EU country)

People forget how poor the UK was before it joined the EU.
It used to be called "the sick dog, of europe" (by other members).

The same way we (most europeans) view poland, is how the UK used to be viewed.
Really poor, willing to work for nothing, used for low qualifed jobs, at low wages.
UK used to have a big bussiness out of doing labor jobs, building contracts and the like.
(need a house built? or a bridge made? hire from the UK, they have lots of cheap construction workers)

EU gave the UK very favorable conditions, and in turn, the UK grew prosperous.
At the same time, they love to blame EU for any and all issues, they could ever have.
Decades of this scapegoating of the EU, has led them to blind their own people towards the truth of the matter.
Now some rich bastards, convinced 51,8% of their voters, to vote against their own intrests.

Who profits from Brexit?

The Rich in the UK, from disaster capitalism.

They used "eu scapegoat propaganda" (decades worth) and told lies about costs/benefits (with lies written on red busses too even), and sprinkled with a little xenophobia, to convince the poor sods in the UK to vote against their own intrests.

(UK economy will not be better off (esp for the poor), for brexit. They knew this, but mis-lead and counter attacked anyone mentioning it, by calling it "project fear").

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 11 February 2021