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Alby_da_Wolf said:
JRPGfan said:


On the bright side.... you can now buy (cheap) "rebranded" British oysters in super markets (sealed in a plastic package, vaccum sealed).
(the idea, is since EU are the main market, abit of marketing, and maybe you can get more brits to buy it)

The downside?

They are not fit for human consumption, according to the EU.
Apparnetly, the water in the UK is some of the worst in europe (toxic/sewage ect).
The EU have plants were they are cleaned, so it isn't a issue when you eat them (its raw seafood, you want it clean).
So what normally happends, is they are cleaned, then stored abit cold, and sold alive to you the consumer (near were they are cleaned).
(typically only last 3-4 days before going bad)

Getting a plastic (vaccume packed) oyster thats likely dead, and not processed (cleaned)..... is asking for food poisoning.

But good on them, for thinking of a solution to the oyster fishermen, that are haveing a hard time in UK/scotland ect.

Just looking at the package should tell you they aren't vacuum sealed (unless those trays and films aren't in kevlar-carbon or even stronger materials to resist so well being sucked in).
About safety:

PS If you really wanna make examples of unsafe UK food, I'd suggest poultry and eggs, it would take Italy decennia to have the number of salmonella infections UK has in one year. But they had them also before Brexit.

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