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Pyro as Bill said:
JRPGfan said:

UK got alot of Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccines.... by partly screwing over the EU. - Not true

Now it turns out, its only 10% effective against the South African variant of Covid19. - Not true

10%!!! thats like nothing. - Not true

And to make matters worse, theres now community spread of the South African variant inside the UK.
Another month or two, and it ll probably be the dominant variant, and un-do all the good work the UK did with getting so many vaccinated. - Not true

There should be laws against this level of misinformation.

If there were, there wouldn't have been any Brexit and Farage and Reese-Mogg would be rotting in Jail for a long time now

JRPGfan said:
Alby_da_Wolf said:

PS If you really wanna make examples of unsafe UK food, I'd suggest poultry and eggs, it would take Italy decennia to have the number of salmonella infections UK has in one year. But they had them also before Brexit.

So not 100% airtight... still surely being sealed in like that, makes it so hard to breath they die due to lack of air? no?
Also the UK doesnt have the proccessing plants to clean them, so they are still full with toxins/sweage, and are fished from water quality, thats poor, and thus unfit for (safe) human consumption (atleast according to the EU).

Why does the UK have large amounts of salmonella infections compaired to other countries?

Anyways, EU are big on food safety..... excessively so? I dont know.
I've heard americans say that when they come to europe, they can actually taste that things (they know) taste differnt (likely due to higher food standards).

My wife could confirm this (she's from the Philippines), saying things taste very differently here than at her mothercountry. And I agree also, some stuff which I eat regularly in Europe tasted plain weird in the Philippines.

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