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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Smash Ultimate doesn't feel very casual friendly

Thanks Abbron627, I intend to watch them, but as I said, this shouldn't be necessary to enjoy a game in the modern era and might turn some people off (myself included). This sort of thing should be built in. I've played lots of games in my time, Street Fighter etc makes instant sense, but this game certainly doesn't (for casuals and newbies, would definitely be a turn off for them).

Even a very simple explanation of how to actually win, I honestly didn't have a clue to begin with, and still a bit sketchy.

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I pretty much stink at Smash, so I've gotten my ass handed to me in WoL. But one thing that helped is the realization that I often don't HAVE to fight the Ace or Legendary spirits in my path right away. There's usually an alternative route with weaker spirits, sometimes even ones with abilities that counter the blockers. So I've been focusing on gunning for the characters through the path of least resistance, and that makes the game more fun for me at least. The challenges are there for when I feel like I'm ready, but so far I haven't run into a situation where I was completely walled from progression due to a spirit I just couldn't beat. There was always another way I could go that often lead to the same destination.

Also if all else fails, it seems like the difficulty can be adjusted at any time. Maybe bump it up for novice spirits and drop it down for ridiculous ones for a more consistent challenge?

Dammit, that Pauline-spirit challenge is annoying

I haven't played the game, so cannot confirm, but considering what I have saw in youtube videos, the game is more similar to Melee than 4.
And I consider Melee the hardest one.

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It was a little difficult at times for me but nothing took more than a couple of retries. Some of them actually handed the match to me like Captain Falcon who turned round and leapt to his doom right at the start or K.Rool who got take out by a Klaptrap within a few seconds.

That said, I don't think unlocking characters was a good idea, I think fighting games should present the full roster up front. There is more than enough to unlock in terms of spirits, music, items, challenges etc that it would still offer plenty for solo play and when the real meat of the game rests in multiplayer it is just frustrating that almost every fighter needs to be unlocked. I'm now really enjoying the game but it was a frustrating grind for my first day of playing just so I could start to enjoy the game.

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I got into the series with Melee. If I can get over that, newcomers can surely get over this.

I've bought Smash Bros. games in the past and never spent much time with them. I've started this one and I feel that it's better geared towards a single player, but I barely know the key presses and I've lost most of my unlock battles. That's okay though ... the game would be stupidly easy if someone who knew nothing could just waltz through the game. I imagine that this game is ludicrously easy for an expert and a worthwhile challenge for a keen newcomer.


Loosing a few games is normal. I would be concerned if I couldn't loose in a game.



The game is actually very casual friendly. I have had three people who never play Smash play it and win against the CPU. In classic mode the CPU automatically adjusts to your ability if you lose.

FarleyMcFirefly said:

I'm loving every second of this game. However, for a game that seems to welcome new players more than ever, I'm having a hell of a hard time with unlocking characters. Like the actual fights are pretty darn tough. I've lost several. I'm not as good as I used to be back in the Melee days when I was 11 years old, but I am still familiar with the mechanics of the series.

Maybe it is just me, but is anybody else having a hard time with unlocking characters? I feel like it is something that could turn off casual players of the series...

Casual play isn't new players, or retarded/poor skilled players, it's about players who have more of an intermittent play schedule (a few minutes at a time, usually one or more times per day) and don't sit down and binge for hours.

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