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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Smash Ultimate doesn't feel very casual friendly

I'm loving every second of this game. However, for a game that seems to welcome new players more than ever, I'm having a hell of a hard time with unlocking characters. Like the actual fights are pretty darn tough. I've lost several. I'm not as good as I used to be back in the Melee days when I was 11 years old, but I am still familiar with the mechanics of the series.

Maybe it is just me, but is anybody else having a hard time with unlocking characters? I feel like it is something that could turn off casual players of the series...


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I agree. It's odd because you'd think that with 74 characters they wouldn't feel the need to make earning one character really tough. But they are, a lot of the time. Some are very easy especially if you use a heavy character like DK. But a lot of them are hard. Also, you don't get to choose which character to bring in with you to the challenger fight. It's easy to predict when the challengers will happen (every 3 or 4 fights, I believe someone said it was a 10 min match timer). But still. 

What's even worse is that WoL does the same thing. It's very easy 70% of the time, but then you hit a road block where it's very challenging. And because the fighter unlocks are so spaced out, there's basically no easy way to unlock fighters. I guess that's maybe a good thing, spreads out the content of the game.  But if it was intended as a learning mechanism, it's actually pretty terrible. I'd rather learn by doing a few matches and steadily increasing the CPU level, rather than having one really hard match after a bunch of easy ones. It is bugging me. 

I like the fact that they make you work for stuff. The franchise needed a challenge boost after the last one.

I personally love that you need to earn the characters, but you did actually raise a fairly good point. Some people might be stuck with 8 for a bit.

This is my first Smash game and I enjoy fighting them to earn them, I'm nowhere near good at the game, but I like a challenge to show I didn't just get gifted the character, besides they are nowhere near as hard as some of the spirits in World of Light

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Yeah this smash is awesome but in WoL randomly there will be a huge difficulty spike. Like I’m not the best by any means but I’m decent enough to hold my own. I also find the difficulty spike is usually due to not being able to swim and extreme winds. Or guys constantly breathing fire.

I just unlocked all of them, I didn't have an issue.

WoL isn't hard as long as you remember to equip the right spirits (I use the autopick feature) and level em up with snacks.

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I couldn't beat friggin Iggy for awhile.

-Wind blows you back
-One tap and you fly back and get taken by wind then drown

then after spending so much time on it im like, damn im stupid,just get a spirit that has wind resistance -___-

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I have to admit i was kinda frustrated with the game on Friday, then i realized i was playing it wrong. Whoops

FarleyMcFirefly said: 

Maybe it is just me, but is anybody else having a hard time with unlocking characters? I feel like it is something that could turn off casual players of the series...

No. Even EVO champions like Leffen, Mango and Zero got their ass handed to them by the CPU trying to unlock characters.
Some of them more than the others, but still. The difficulty is probably something Nintendo might want to look to patch soon.