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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Official Thread - The Game Awards 2018 - God of War Wins GOTY 2018!

Woah, never thought that would happen

Nothing to see here, move along

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Have the heads of the Big 3 ever taken the stage together?



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Incredible roundop of people there but ... what a forceful speech

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My questions for each other them:
Phil Spencer: "So, what's the deal with these new development studios you have and what games are they making?"
Shawn Layden: "What's the deal with Sony censoring 3rd party games? Dick move."
Reggie: "WHERE'S PRIME 4?!?"

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Amazing moment. Layden, Spencer and Reggie. Just magical:)

Smash shirt with Ridley on? Mean something?

Eh, a bathroom break moment.

Yet another one.

When's the next announcement?


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How crazy would it have been if they announced Nintendo, Sony & Microsoft were co-developing a game together.

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