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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Anyone else feel resolution is overrated?


I prefer...

Resolution over detail/effects 23 26.14%
Detail/effects over resolution 65 73.86%

So I'm replaying Alan Wake on the 360 at the moment, in glorious 960x540, a resolution that was mocked even when the game released in 2010, and it strikes me; this still looks fine, far better than the number itself would seem to imply.

It got me thinking; is more pixels really the best way to spend limited rendering resources? For a long time now, I've felt like devs nowdays place too much emphasis on the number of pixels, when it my opinion you often get better overall results with fewer but better quality pixels.

On the Wii U for example, Smash Bros 4 at 1080p is crisper than Mario Kart 8 or Captain Toad Treasure Tracker at 720p, but does it look better overall? I'd argue not, as the tradeoff is lower quality textures, materials, and effects. 

On Switch, Mario Odyssey and Kingdom Battle forgo a full 1080p in favour of richer lighting and materials, and I personally feel the results pay off handsomely.

But that's me. Which would you rather be prioritized, resolution, or detail/asset quality/effects/etc?

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Resolution is just something PC gamers use to act superior...

I have been saying this since the launch of the PS4 and X1. I would take FPS and special effects over resolution any day.

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I am an image quality whore. Clear image > nice effects, for me. But I can still play games at low resolutions, just would prefer not to.

Yep, absolutely. Last month I played the first Red Dead Redemption... on PS3. The worst version of the two, can't remember what the resolution is... but anyway, thanks to the art design of the game, regardless of low resolution I still think it looks great. Same goes for Yakuza 3 too which I played either earlier this year or late last year, can't remember lol, but either way it still looked great to me, especially the main character models and in cutscenes.

Then again resolution and graphics have always been on the lower end of priority for me when it comes to enjoying games.

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KLXVER said:
Resolution is just something PC gamers use to act superior...

It's the combo of HD resolution and high frame rates. For me, as a PC player: frame rate > resolution > graphics.

Overrated? No. However, I think people should slow down a bit an absorb the individual details contained in lower solutions. For instance, although most of my personal 3D work is rendered in 8K, I find the sweet spot for gaming to be 1440p/144Hz. Very few games take advantage of the higher fidelity, so there's no need to go gaga over 4K. It looks fabulous, don't get me wrong, but it's just a bit more than needed at the moment.

Higher hertz is much more of a priority for me.


1080p is the current standard, and anything above that is only necessary for larger TVs or monitors.

Well, if you take a look on my greates games list (last year), the answer should be obvious. It's not only nostalgia. I replayed some of these old games, and they can certainly stand their own against new titles. That doesn't mean newer titles with better technology cannot be great, again my list also contains current titles. But the major thing here is, that other things than pretty graphics and technology matter for good games which you still can play and have fun 20 years later.

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Art direction, details, lighthing effects and other such things should be more proeminent now that we've come at a point where the gain in resolution isn't as satisfactory like it was from the switch from standard to HD.

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