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    GoT season 8 final episode 6 tonight. (spoiler discussion) Fin. The end... for ever. D&D can burn in the seven hells.

    in General Discussion on 13 May 2019

    Faelco said: Between the breath making rocks explode, the huge flags repeated again and again about the bells, and Dany getting angry all alone on her dragon for absolutely nothing (that scene was really laughable), it was pretty ridiculous. And way too much on the "Let's make good guys become crazy and kill civilians for 30 minutes to make the viewer hate them". It's just overkill, nothing...

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    in Politics Discussion on 23 March 2019

    Bofferbrauer2 said: The UK lowering their trade barriers would: a) kill the UK economy (that's the ugly truth; it would just be cheaper to import everything that produce anything in the UK anymore) and millions of jobs that way The UK economy is already 80% services: Most of those can't be imported, even...

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    Where is FF7R?

    in Sony Discussion on 12 January 2019

    Shadow1980 said: At this rate, it's definitely going to be cross-gen. And honestly, I hope the gameplay is still turn-based. I'd hate for it to move to a FFXV-style action game where I just control Cloud while the rest of the party is controlled by AI  The gameplay video we already saw made it clear you control multiple characters, at least to some degree....

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    What games can surpass RDR2 and BotW as the highest rated current generation game?

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 December 2018

    I don't think anything will. The things that potentially could are: Last of Us 2, Cyberpunk, Zelda, 3D Mario, Metroid Prime 4, Halo Infinite, Death Stranding?...

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    What JRPG has the best soundtrack you´ve ever heard?

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 December 2018

    FFXV if you include the DLC has a pretty damn good soundtrack. Episode Ignis theme and Comrades theme are both magnificent. I think best ever probably has to be Xenoblade Chronicles though....

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    Is PewDiePie an anti semitic Youtuber???

    in General Discussion on 12 December 2018

    No he's not. He recommended a channel for its anime reviews. He didn't notice that the channel has random little racist and sexist stuff carefully inserted into the videos. I watched some of the videos from E;R yesterday. They are just normal comedy review videos. You really have to pay close attention to notice anything wrong. Like in his Star Wars review, he called J.J.Abrams "Jew Jew Abrams"....

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    Youtube Rewind 2018 becomes the 2nd most disliked youtube video ever in two days.

    in General Discussion on 09 December 2018

    Lol my attitude towards it can be summed up by the point where the guy says "it needs more science" and a girl responds with "awesome, lets do melted lipstick". Good lord. That's like what a 5 year old thinks science is about....

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    Anyone else feel resolution is overrated?

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 December 2018

    There are diminishing returns. It's not a linear quality. I don't need anything over 1080p and I'm frankly fine with 720p if it means the framerate's better. But it's not irrelevant. The difference between 1080p and 480p is a pretty big deal....

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    Ada Wong's face. New screenshots of REMake 2

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 December 2018

    Always wearing a dinner dress to the apocalypse....

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    New Final Fantasy XV live stream starting now.

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 November 2018

    Here's the original announcement:

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    New Final Fantasy XV live stream starting now.

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 November 2018

    melbye said: Wonder if we might get episode-DLC based around Lunafreya, Cor and Ardyn. Would be interesting to play as the villain Dude, we already know what it is. They announced it way-back. DLC1- Ardyn DLC2-Aranea DLC3-Luna DLC4-Noctis alternative ending....

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    The human cost of Red Dead Redemption 2 (Eurogamer)

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 October 2018

    The one problem I had with the Kotaku article is that the various anecdotes are all quite different. There is no common agreed on facts about how much they were forced to work. The only common agreement seems to be that it was very stressful and they DID work overtime. But I still don't think we know if it was actually mandated or just encouraged by peer pressure....

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    What will happen first? FFXVI Announcement or FFVII Remake Release

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 October 2018

    I don't think we'll even hear about FF16 for a few years. FF7 will probably be released over like 5 years. So FF16 will end up being a mid-PS5 release....

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    Kotaku's Jason Schreier thinks MTX are merely annoying

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 October 2018

    Terms like "sexist" seem to have no clear meaning nowadays. If sexism is just treating different sexes differently, then anything involving physical attraction is by definition going to be sexist because males and females are not attracted to the same things in each other. Giving a female massive biceps will not make her attractive to men. If we're going to say that massive boobs count as...

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    how big is your excitement for FFVII Remake after 3 years of announcement?

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 October 2018

    Hard to be excited when you know nothing about it. I think after KH3 is released they'll start dropping the info at a staggering rate. They just don't want it to overshadow KH3, which it probably would....

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    ‘Rape Culture’ Is A MYTH | Change My Mind

    in General Discussion on 04 October 2018

    OhNoYouDont said: The rape metric was something like 1 in 1000, which is true but there are lies, damned lies, and statistics. According to RAINN, 1 in 6 American women have been the victim of attempted or completed rape with 14.8% completed ~1 in 7 women. Sounds a lot worse than 1 in 1000 doesn't it? Worth pointing out that the Bureau of Justice includes "rape threats" under its...

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    Dalai lama says "Refugees should go home to develop their own countries"

    in Politics Discussion on 15 September 2018

    Dulfite said: I would never tell a refugee to return. What they fled is horrifying, and even if the Islamic State is completely crushed soon, another terror organization will rise in it's ashes. If you kill one extremist another rises to takes his/her place. One can't rebuild or develop a country or a part of the world overrun with that kind of mentality,  Europe was overrun by...

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    Why do people hate Anita Sarkeesian so much?

    in General Discussion on 13 September 2018

    LuccaCardoso1 said: vivster said: She is politely expressing her opinions while deliberately hiding facts that contradict her point. Yes, classy woman. Give me some examples please Her claims have been critiqued quite a lot on youtube. You should look into some of those videos. Here are some good examples:

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    Why do people hate Anita Sarkeesian so much?

    in General Discussion on 13 September 2018

    Her videos are average but not terrible. The complaints against the videos themselves are more technical (she cherry picks unrepresentative data, she doesn't provide good evidence for her claims, she flat-out misrepresents some games in order to try and make a point). The larger hate for her is how she acts and treats people. She's a closed minded intellectual bully who has never interacted...

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    EA censors "white man" and "DLC" in Battlefield V

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 September 2018

    AngryLittleAlchemist said: ironmanDX said: They censored "white man"? I wonder if people will still believe there's no motive or agenda.  Yep. This is what changed my mind to be honest. I mean, I was more so having careful doubt before than believing there was no agenda (and I don't think having a non-toxic agenda is bad). But that is straight up...

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