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Favourite Game Developer Tournament - Quarter-Finals 1

Nintendo EPD 265 48.01%
Rockstar North 83 15.04%
Guerrilla Games 123 22.28%
Atlus 37 6.70%
Blizzard Entertainment 20 3.62%
Level-5 17 3.08%
Ubisoft Montreal 7 1.27%

Quarter-Finals Round 1 developers and some of their more well-known games/series:

Nintendo EPD (The Legend of Zelda series, Mario Kart series, Splatoon series, Super Mario series, New Super Mario Bros. series, Animal Crossing series, Pikmin series, and much much more)

Rockstar North (Grand Theft Auto series, Manhunt, Red Dead Redemption 2, Max Payne 3, Lemmings series)

Guerrilla Games (Killzone series, Horizon Zero Dawn)

Atlus (Shin Megami Tensei series, Persona series, Devil Summoner series, Etrian Odyssey series, etc.)

Blizzard Entertainment (WarCraft series, StarCraft series, Diablo III (but NOT Diablo I or II), Hearthstone, Overwatch)

Level-5 (Yo-kai Watch series, Professor Layton series, Inazuma Eleven series, Ni no Kuni series, White Knight Chronicles series, Dark Cloud)

Ubisoft Montreal (Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series, Rainbow Six series, Prince of Persia series, Far Cry series, Assassin's Creed series, Watch Dogs series, For Honor)


Top 2 go through to the semis. 3rd and 4th will get a second chance in the quarter-finals bonus round.


Results from bonus round 2:

Monolith Soft 150 19.82%
Ubisoft Montpellier 20 2.64%
Obsidian Entertainment 57 7.53%
Rare 85 11.23%
Retro Studios 116 15.32%
Ubisoft Montreal 88 11.62%
Camelot Software Planning 16 2.11%
Valve Corporation 69 9.11%
Level-5 120 15.85%
Remedy Entertainment 36 4.76%
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Very difficult round, couldn't decide between Rockstar North, Guerilla Games and Ubisoft Montreal but I think Rockstar North deserves it the most.

A bunch of great studios here but Nintendo EPD (and EAD before it) is just too good.

Nintendo for me. Toughest round by far but at the end of the day no contest for me.

My vote goes to Atlus, even though they're not gonna win lol.

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I voted for Nintendo because how could I not but I'll be sad to see Blizzard Entertainment fall.

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This is gonna be the end of the road for Level-5, but I'm still gonna vote for them here.

Easily Rockstar North. Far and away the best dev in the world right now as far as I'm concerned.

My love for the games Ninty EPD has done ... it's probably too big that I can't simply choose Atlus just for liking their RPG's

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Rockstar for me. They've still 'got it', so although Blizzard made my second favourite game (StarCraft: Brood War), what they've done to that series and the Diablo series since makes it hard to vote for them.