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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Favourite Game Developer Tournament - Quarter-Finals 1


Favourite Game Developer Tournament - Quarter-Finals 1

Nintendo EPD 265 48.01%
Rockstar North 83 15.04%
Guerrilla Games 123 22.28%
Atlus 37 6.70%
Blizzard Entertainment 20 3.62%
Level-5 17 3.08%
Ubisoft Montreal 7 1.27%
The_Liquid_Laser said:
Nintendo is the only choice. No other dev in this round is even close.

Rockstar North is the only choice. No other dev in this round is even close.


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Something weird is going on with this poll.

Maybe Guerilla got their whole staff to vote on this?

I'm a little confused how GG is winning, let alone by this much.

Screenshots of the results:

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So some of the greatest developers of all time in the very same quarterfinal.. I'm going to assume there were no seeding.

Feels odd to see Guerilla come out on top, no shade on them though. Great developer.

Went with Nintendo EPD here despite Blizzard developing two of my favorite games of all time - Starcraft, Warcraft 3
EPD has so much quality under their belt for so many years. Cant ignore that

Flilix said:

Screenshots of the results:

Definitely cheating went on. I sent some results to Truck and I hope Machina looks at this. Inorganic voting pattern.

OTBWY said:

Definitely cheating went on.

The internet never fails to disappoint, does it?

I've checked the database for the poll results. Sadly, the time at which the poll is submitted is not recorded in the DB so I can't see if there's patterns of consecutive votes for the same answer in a short period of time. It is evident that there's been some tampering of the results (on both sides, to quote an asshole I know), the number of votes alone shows that.

What is available though is the userid of the person who voted which means that one way is purging the results from the inflated votes would be to delete the votes from non-users since while I'm still shocked that some people are pathetic enough to spam the votes by IP swapping, I highly doubt we've had people create alt accounts for that purpose.

In the end though, this is Machina's tournament so I'll leave the decision up to him on how to go forward.

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Have chatted to Trucks and he's going to remove all non-user votes from this round. If it happens again next round too then we'll make all future polls users-only as well. I had wanted to avoid that, because I'd like for lurkers to be able to take part, but it's clear there's tampering so it's unavoidable. Some people just have to ruin it for everyone...