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Looks surprisingly faithful to the game. :)

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i'm very excited for this


Looks fantastic. Had a big stupid smile from start to finish.


The movie itself seems terrible ("and that magic is called HOPE" made me throw up a little) but the Pokemon look okay. However, Pikachu basically being a Ted-type character just doesn't sit well with me. wasn't bad.

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I'm cautiously optimistic. It doesn't look bad, but not particularly great either.

Mr. mime is horrifying but I am curious to see more life-like pokemans.

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You could replace all pokemon with smurfs and it would still be the same movie. I'll wait for an actual Pokemon movie.

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Wow. WOW! I was expecting awfulness but this seems very promising!

I think this will make a lot of money. Aiming it more towards teenagers/adults was a smart move because the majority of the Pokemon audience nowadays is actually not kids.