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I actually liked it. That can't be a good sign.

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Looks pretty good tbh, I hope it does really well at the box office... it’s coming the weekend after Avengers 4

The CGI and artstyle they chose kind of sucks, makes all of the Pokemon look super weird, but aside from that it looks pretty good.

I really hope that Paramount did a better job on the CGI for their live-action Sonic movie that is also releasing in 2019.

I will definitely watch this but God Damn.

The pokemon look terrifying. Otherwise, it looks like a good movie. I wonder if it will be good.

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Way better than I expected, and it was pretty funny. Also glad it isn't just limited to Gen 1

Wow, that looks so much better then it sounded on paper lol.

It looks pretty good. It has some solid writers on board which helps, alex hirsch creator of gravity falls and the writer for guardians of the galaxy.

That looks amazing! Can't wait


Really doesn't look that good at all ....

Some of the Pokemon look straight up creepy

Charizard looks like he needs skin care lotion

It looks like a cringe fest

Decent trailer but a lot of bad movies have decent trailers