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He's so cute, but I'm not gonna watch it. Doesn't look that interesting 

Devour me like your unborn fetus 
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Jigglypuff seemed cute (of course when happy), Mr mime very creepy but to be honest if you have to imagine real life Pokémon they won't look nice or perfect at all.

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to be honest.... I like it, might have to watch.

Why is Deadpool wearing a tiny furry suit?

Hunting Season is done...

I really want to hug Pikachu, he is just so cute

Nothing to see here, move along

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Trailer is doing insanely good. It's doing big superhero movie views and already has 620k fucking likes lmao.
If the movie is good it really can be a huge thing.

On another note, trailer is fantastic and even if i was optimistic i would never have seen something this good coming. They really did spend lots of money on this and it will pay off, hopefully.

I honestly thought Danny DeVito would have been a funny take, but Ryan Reynolds is a great casting choice. I wonder if this will pave the way for Pokémon movie screen releases in the west.

How far is Nintendo involved?

this looks great imo Def going to watch with my kids