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Forums - Politics Discussion - Who Should Run For President on the Democratic Side?

We just need someone sensible and grounded like Neil deGrasse Tyson

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Kerotan said:
Rick Flair


"We hold these truths t-be self-ful evident. All men and women created by the.. Go-you know the.. you know the thing!" - Joe Biden

I would like to see Trump run as the democrat.

Same policies, I just wanna see if dems support him given he has experience. Also, more money on that side.

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omarct said:
We just need someone sensible and grounded like Neil deGrasse Tyson

Now that would be interesting. I wonder if he has considered it?

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Chris Hu said:
outlawauron said:
The obvious (and Vegas betting favorite) is Joe Biden.

Although, some notes: Warren would get demolished in an nationwide election. She's not likeable at all.
Beto did extremely well, but Cruz is not beloved. He is not at all respected and it showed as the governor's race was a blowout while Cruz only won by 3 points.

Even though Abbott won by more then a million votes I would call his victory a blowout since Lupe Valdez wasn't  serious competition and she still managed to get a bit over 42% off all the votes.

and her vote total was inflated by high Democratic turn out from Beto being on the ballot. Without him on the ballot, the blowout gets worse.

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DarthMetalliCube said:
Kerotan said:
Rick Flair

After seeing trump do so well I really think he could too. Imagine the hype between a trump vs Flair campaign. Off the charts reality TV. 

Only one you are missing from my list of possible candidates is Kamala Harris.

Chris Hu said:
Ljink96 said:

Anybody but Hillary Clinton. Beto and Bernie are good choices. I could see down the road, not 2020 but Richard Ojeda possibly in the future. They need to really restructure the electoral college to give power back to the people. The midterms are vote based, I don't see why for the president our votes are only pawns that choose electors who will go on to vote for either D or R (and don't have to be held accountable to vote either way). I just think it's broken. Winning the popular vote is nothing to sneeze at.

Too bad that Richard Ojeda lost but he was running on a more progressive platform then Beto O'Rourke in a more conservative state so the outcome was somewhat expected. 

True, but the points that he made up vs. the last midterm is nothing to sneeze at. He at least closed in on Miller which is promising. I don't think we've seen the last of Ojeda. He's got some growing to do but I don't think we're done seeing him.

Would Ric Flair be able to make proper arguments? I predict all we'll get is a bunch of woo.

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

Bernie: Too old, has already dropped the democrat party and gone back to being an independent, and has showed no interest in rejoining.

Gilibrand: Has a good shot of winning the primary but I doubt she'll beat Trump.

Cortez: Everyone she nominated lost. She is a fringe group that will alienate other Dems if she wins.

Beto: How can you honestly expect someone who gets whipped by Cruz to beat Trump?

Biden: Too old and weak. Has a VP ever beaten an incumbent in any US Presidential election?

Bloomberg: He could win the nomination, put up a good fight with Trump but I don't think he'd ultimately win.

Warren: After Trump duped her into the DNA test, proving she's whiter than most Caucasians, I don't see her mounting a successful primary run, let alone beating him out in the end.

Hillary: DO IT.

The Rock/Oprah/some other celebrity: They have a serious chance of winning the nomination but run the risk of being obvious Democrat version parallels to Trump, only without the incumbent advantage. And there's plenty of people who hate celebrities that use their platforms for politics.

TL;DR Most of the popular choices are a trainwreck. Tulsi Gabbard would have a legitimate chance at victory but it's uncertain if she's going to run now or wait some years, get sidelined like Bernie did. Another problem is that the DNC primaries are going to be a chaotic free-for-all. It's hard to imagine any single candidate coming out unscathed by the end of it.