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Forums - Gaming Discussion - how big is your excitement for FFVII Remake after 3 years of announcement?

Hard to be excited when you know nothing about it. I think after KH3 is released they'll start dropping the info at a staggering rate. They just don't want it to overshadow KH3, which it probably would.

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zero, i have the feeling that it will not feel like a FFVII game, because the mechanics and eastetic of the game will be so dramatically different.

Now, if they would announced a FFVI remake with octopath style...

I mean, I'm gonna' end up buying it regardless, but right now I wouldn't say I'm hyped or even excited for it, for the most part I'd forgotten about it until I've just seen this thread, they don't seem to have learned their lesson about announcing things WAY too early, lol.

Non existent


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It has one of the best announcement trailers ever. Even me, a non-fan, was excited to hell. But taking this long and being episodic ... meh.

Zero. Trailers are worth nothing nowadays.

I was mildly excited by the announcement. But, at this point, and really for the last couple years, IDGAF.

I was really excited... was. FF7 is my favourite game along side Crash 2. But I don't think SquEnix get what many like about FF and FF7, it had charm and just because they don't seem to like standard FF ATB gameplay anymore doesn't mean we don't. I wanted FF7 to be FF7 but a graphical upgrade, a world to explore and experience but the same gameplay else it's not FF7, especially that they are splitting it up. Talk about trying to fleece fans.

They aren't making the game for fans, they are making it for a new audience.

Hmm, pie.

There's a FFVII remake coming out?