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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What scaaaaaary games are you playing this October?

Resident Evil 7/0/1 and a bit of a Luigi's Mansion 2 (maybe 1 as well if I get the time for more 3DS). Oh and maybe the Amnesia series... but I will need a whole lot of time to even think about those

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Might get back into Doom 2016.


Dr.Vita said:

The OP meant scary scary, not scary shitty.

I've downloaded all the patches and free DLC for Atelier Lydie & Suelle again, right after putting a micro SD card into my Switch. The game now has an error where the music can play at twice the volume, half the volume, not play at all or has constantly variable volume any time a new music track gets loaded. The game's option menu with its BGM volume setting has no effect on the volume anymore.

It's quite scary to get surprised by double volume after a while of normal volume. The volume of voices is affected too, but it's limited to normal volume or half the volume, so there are no instances of sudden crazy loud Japanese screams.

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I'm in the midst of replaying the entire Resident Evil series. All that's left is Resident Evil Remake and RE7 (unless I play all of the campaigns in RE6 and the DLC for RE5).

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Rocket League. The ladder anxiety beats everything.

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Dino crisis 1 and 2

First time i play them

Maybe this October I'll finally try a Castlevania game, despite Konami's recent fuck ups.

Maplestory 2