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Forums - Gaming Discussion - RDR2 Requires 105 GB of Storage Space on PS4

source: IGN

source: playstation life style

source: Rockstar Intel

key points:

It supports up to 32 players online.

If you guys can zoom in and see the fine print, it should say 105 GB, and it also says ‘Timed Exclusive for 30 days’ for the online content I guess.


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I have nearly 1TB of free space out of 2TB, so I'm good

Noice! Throwing away some games now to make free space.


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sad to say this but this could be the beginning of a new trend.. the end of the physical disc. At most a disc can hold up to is 50GB, and then come the updates that requires a hard drive to store the data.

So based on the 500GB edition, this and future AAA titles are the only game that comes on the console? PS classic is looking pretty good right now with 20 games.

They should have forgone the special paint job and used that to offset the cost of the 1TB HDD being the base model for this. Instead they left out both, because it's a Rockstar game, so why bother?

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2TB internal and 2TB external so I’m A-OK. When I decided to go full digital I prepared for such a thing.


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Pretty crazy, I fear for the native 4k install days.

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So crazy how large games are now. Is it just textures and lack of compressions to some items? It’s getting crazy.

That's pretty huge!..

I don't care for the game so meh! Good luck to everyone else who does.

Probably gonna be the norm next gen. Gonna need 2TB+ in those consoles.