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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Are you buying the Nintendo Online Service?


Are you buying the Nintendo Online Service?

Yes 103 60.95%
No 54 31.95%
Undecided 12 7.10%

Sadly I want to continue playing Rocket League and Splatoon 2, but it sucks to have it behind the paywall.
The Netflix VC and discounts are additional perks, don't care about voice chat or the cloud saves.

Will be getting the family option and share it between friends and family.

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Yes! It is fairly cheap and I will buy it for Splatoon, Mario Kart , smash etc :) Also waiting for the special offers and more new or SNES games

If I have a Switch and Smash, then yes. Not sure I would for any other game.

Without any hesitation for my two switches.

YEP. Just like i do for PSN. I'll rarely, if ever, play online. I'll be doing it for the free games.

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Yes, I'm going to pay for the online service, but even with the additional features they are offering, I would have still preferred it the way it is now.

Not even for Rocket League.

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No, I don't pay for online anywhere so I don't have PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold (or Silver) either. I'm completely against being triple charged for gaming, no matter how expensive or cheap it is. Besides; this seems like a pretty poor online service.

Since I am not playing any Online games I wont buy it.

For less than $2 a month just the NES library is a no brainer for me. But I’m a grown up with work so I’m economically not hat sensitive.

Also I currently enjoy both Splatoon and MK8D online and I’ll be getting Smash when it comes too.