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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Are you buying the Nintendo Online Service?


Are you buying the Nintendo Online Service?

Yes 103 60.95%
No 54 31.95%
Undecided 12 7.10%

I think its bs some people are giving Nintendo a pass for this. Its so fucked up that online pay is locked behind a paywall. Microsoft should have never started this shit.

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I still don't have a Switch but when I get one I won't be buying the online service because I don't play online :p

Of course I am. I am going to play online games with friends so it is a must.

No, I don’t play online.

Yes, I'm not sure yet if it will be a single-year plan or a family plan shared with friends.

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Yes and I try to pick the family plan with family/friends. If that´s possible then the cost is laughable cheap, but I will do it even with that "high" 20€ price tag, because splatoon 2 and so on.
After what MS and Sony succesfully did, there is no more any point in being against paying for online as it already happened and was accepted. Sadly that protest-ship already sailed a long time a go.

Yes. I want the free games with online capabilities for fun and shenanigans with friends. Also Smash Online. And Animal Crossing online.

No. Not until Nintendo learns that just slapping a paywall on their network, without adding or changing anything, is a dick move. At least PSN on PS4 is a huuuuge from its humble days on PS3, so the paywall felt justified. If Nintendo finally adds a damn achievement system, I’ll consider.

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I really don't care about cloud saves or voice chat or any of that. I just want to play Splatoon 2, ARMS and Smash online, and my friends and I use Discord anyway.

It's kind of funny to me Nintendo gets all this crap for it when Sony and Microsoft have done it for years. (To be fair, I remember when Sony got crap for it when they started.) It really doesn't matter if you don't like it or boycott it, because anyone at all paying it makes them more money than giving online free to everyone. And with Smash coming, they really don't need everyone to like it. Enough people will pay.

Most likely not. I don't care enough about online multiplayer to justify that, and the other aspects of the online service aren't worth it at this point. Maybe when it includes more than a bunch of NES games to play.