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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Are you buying the Nintendo Online Service?


Are you buying the Nintendo Online Service?

Yes 103 60.95%
No 54 31.95%
Undecided 12 7.10%

As much as I think it could've been better, I will be buying it. I want to play online MP in Splatoon 2, Dragon Ball Fighterz, and Smash Bros Ultimate. I wish free online didn't end next week.

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Yes. This service will probably wind up paying for itself. All Nintendo has to do is offer 5% off Indie games, and it becomes more than worth the price for me.

No. I'm having Microsoft pay for it.

I play Smash 4 online everyday and I plan to do the same for Ultimate, I have no choice


Hopefully it will be put to good use. I don't mind putting a few bucks towards Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo if they keep expanding their platforms. If they can match the improvements I have been paying for through XBL and Gamepass I will be very pleased. PS+ and PS Now are a bad example, I hope Nintendo delivers.

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Yes, for cloud saves.

Yes, when Smash Bros comes out in December. For launch, I'll just use my 7-day free trial, 'cause I kind of want to try Mario Bros 3 online.


I have to, mainly for my daughter's Splatoon 2.


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-i want to still be able to play Splatoon and Mario Kart 8 online
-im looking forward to having NES games on the Switch
-its still 1/3 the price of competitor consoles

Undecided. I've barely touched Splatoon 2 lately (I think it's been more than a month already) and that's the only game I'd play online anyways. NES games don't really interest me so I don't think I'm spending $20 on a service I won't use much when I could get a new game instead, at least not right now.