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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Animal Crossing Switch coming in 2019

One of the best tease I've seen from the compagny ... like ever.

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Never got to play an AC. Gonna give this one a go.

Called it! This will be big in Japan

Effing hell! That last bit of the Direct got me down and up real quick, Nintendo really love playing with my emotions! Nintendo's done the best Direct ever for me.


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That was a solid announcement.


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Even after they told me to stay to the end, I still fell for the troll. Dammit Nintendo.

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Sakurai you mad genius! You have redeemed yourself for the Kirby Air Ride troll and then some! Can't wait to see this game! ^_^

Kerotan said:
Called it! This will be big in Japan

Nintendo must have decided to bring AC to help Switch in Japan, there it struggles. And Splatoon 2 is such a flop in Nippon.

I don't know, with stuff like that they may really realize what they said about a Switch for every person - in Japan.

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Now that I think about it, if either AC and Luigi's Mansion get's a bundle, this might be the first time I'll double dip on a console, I hope their color scheme would be appealing though.


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PAOerfulone said:
Darwinianevolution said:
Expected. Next year's big hitters are AC and Pokemon 8th gen. Switches will fly off the shelves.

Those two games, plus a price cut would have Japan running around like cheetahs on crack!

Yeah Japan is just gonna explode next year. It's gonna be insane. Smash and Let's Go will get them crankin' coming into the year, then NSMBU in January will add to it probably, when the Final Fantasy games starts dropping plus I think no doubt DQXI will hit next year so jrpg fans in japan will go nuts, then AC will have them rabid, and Pokemon will just absolutely destroy them.

I expected AC next year so I'm glad to see it happening. Hell I don't even care about AC, I just wanna see the sales go crazy over it. I think Switch hardware and software sales next year is gonna be something truly amazing, especially if they throw in a price drop and maybe even a new version of the hardware.