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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The first console videogame I remember playing at home was...


The first console I played on was the...

Intellivision/Atari 2600/Magnavox Odyssey 27 32.14%
NES 23 27.38%
Sega Master System 1 1.19%
Sega Genesis 4 4.76%
Super Nintendo 4 4.76%
Playstation 1 6 7.14%
N64 5 5.95%
PS2 1 1.19%
Xbox 2 2.38%
Dang...there's only 9 options, I pick other! 11 13.10%

Won't spend much time here on an OP.  The headline is pretty self explanatory. What was the first console game you remember playing as a child?  What system?  Do you still like the game or the console? Feel free to add other details that defined your first home gaming experience.

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Ice Climber on a NES clone.

Pole Position, Mario Bros., Combat, and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back on Atari. 

Super Mario World, Super Mario All-Stars, Aladdin, the Smurfs and Asterix & Obelix on the SNES (I was so young I can't remember which one I played first, and those were the only games I had for a very long time, PC games excepted)

Sonic the Hedgehog on the Master System. Still enjoy it to this day.

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The first video games I can remember playing were my dad's copies of the original Super Mario Bros. and Ghosts n' Goblins. I enjoyed Super Mario Bros. only mildly at the time and, at the age of 4, found Ghosts n' Goblins too tough (and scaaaary). However, I later came to love both of them; especially Ghosts n' Goblins.

The first game that really got me into this medium was the original Metroid, which I played for the first time the following year. The heavy emphasis on exploration in particular proved a strong drawing card for me. I played for almost four hours solid the first time until my dad finally made me give him the controller back.

Space Commander (a Space Invaders ripoff), Titan (a pretty special breakout clone) and Boa (a mix of Snake and Tron Lightcycle races) were my first games on our MS-DOS PC (i80286, 40MB HDD, VGA Graphics card, no Sound card (only PC Speaker) and 2MB RAM, pretty good for 1989)

I remember the first game I've played was Super Mario Bros on the NES, and maybe some Duck Hunt.

I'm too young for the poll.

The first games I played were PC games for kids, I think the very first one was called Klikkerdeklik.

The first 'real' games I got were Pokémon Emerald and Disney's The Wild, which I both got together with a Game Boy Micro when I was 6 years old.

Super Mario Bros on the NES. Yeah playing this game with my brother is one of the first things I remember. But I think I mostly watched my brother play, for some reason I was scared to play myself. I remember he once had to leave and gave me the controller but I just turned off the console.